PixelHead Network Interviews Ambrosia; discusses WireTap Anywhere

Posted Jan 15 2009, 12:19 AM

ROCHESTER, New York -- January 15, 2009 -- While at the 2009 Macworld Expo, the Ambrosia crew spent the days demoing and discussing all the products we had to offer.  From Aquaria to WireTap Anywhere, we showed it all, and with rather impressive zest. 

Dominic Feira, lead programmer and creator of the WireTap family of products was interviewed for EXPOzed, a video podcast dedicated to bringing news from the show floor to its audience of digital media creators. Dominic gave a quick and thorough demo of Ambrosia's latest award-winning audio product WireTap Anywhere.

Watch the interview now (4:41).

WireTap Anywhere is designed to provide the key features of WireTap Studio to audio editors who have already invested time and money in their own audio editing workflows. Using WireTap Anywhere, editors can create virtual devices from any application on their Macs.

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Andrew Welch Interviewed on MacObserver

Posted Dec 16 2008, 10:45 PM

Andrew Welch, El presidente of Ambrosia Software recently took some time away from the new wonders of fatherhood to answer some questions asked by the MacObserver's Brad Cook.   They discuss where Ambrosia started and what challenges there are in being a successful small business in todays software market.   All with a few clever references to the classic Dr. Seuss.

Click here to read the full article...

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Ambrosia, Aquaria, and other topics discussed on

Posted Nov 12 2008, 08:47 PM

In a recent skype interview Alex McLarty of The Mac Gamer aimed a series of well placed questions of Ambrosia, our Games, and upcoming products at our PR Guru and resident schmoozehound, John Champlin. The 2D gaming nut that he is took a significant amount of his time discussing the soon to be released underwater adventure game Aquaria!



To read the transcript of the interview please visit the site below:

Click here to read the full review...

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Ambrosia is discussed on MacVoices

Posted Sep 10 2008, 09:05 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 10, 2008 -- It seems to be a recurring theme in the Mac and Podcasting community, that Ambrosia and it's product WireTap Studio and WireTap Anywhere are making the news and the fans are loving what they see. This week joining Chuck Joiner on MacVoices was Andy Affleck on His New “Take Control of Podcasting” where they spoke about Ambrosia and what it can do.

To listen to the show click on the link below:

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The NY Times says that Wiretap Studio is the simplest option for Mac users to capture audio!

Posted Sep 4 2008, 08:25 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 4th, 2008 -- Music, for many people, is like that cup of coffee in the morning; not able to get motivated or moving to deal with the day ahead without having it. Or sometimes it's what is needed to bring the hectic day to a close as you relax at home. Either way, music is a enormous part of society and the lives of everyone. How you get the music is a different story all together, the debate continues on about the methods and the legality there in. Roy Furchgott of the New York Times has recently wrote an article entitled "Free Music Downloads Without the Legal Peril". In his article he offers many view points and states that the simplest option for Mac users to capture audio or songs is Ambrosia Software's own, WireTap Studio!

To read the article, please pick up the current issue of the New York Times, or follow the link below:

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