The Scratching Post: Red, White, and Tuesday Blues

Posted May 26 2009, 05:22 PM

Ah, nothing like returning to work after a long weekend of relaxation and gluttony. The lasting effects of over-indulgence have been quite evident at the Ambrosia HQ today. The eerie silence lingering in the air, pierced only by Hector's always poignant sound-offs, is either indicative of a world domination plot I was not in on, or the incredible focus it is taking all the guys to stay on task while still digesting mounds of bacon.

Memorial day weekend was a beautiful one; all sunny skies and lilacs here in the Flower City. Hopefully, beer and tasty BBQ aside, everyone took a moment on Monday to honor the fallen, and the families they left behind.

In office news, this week our IT guru Jake is vacationing in Hawaii. After the last few months of redesigning the Ambrosia website, organizing a slew of holiday sales and bundles, and trying his darndest to keep the temperature down in the server room, we let him get away for a week -- with the promise that he will be attached at the hip to his iPhone! So far, so good, and Jake might actually get to enjoy himself in the sun ... Hopefully he comes back!

The parrot seems to have reverted to her usual self after last week's visit to the vet. The thought of Hector regaining free flight with her uber-sharp talons and beak frightened John enough to take her in for her Avian examination -- aka the clip and file. She seemed uncharacteristically friendly upon her return (actually glad to be home with us lowly humans) but is now back to her evil birdie ways, squawking various obscenities and alarm sounds.

At least someone here is full of expendable energy on this Monday masquerading as a Tuesday! As for the rest of the Ambrosia crew, it can only be hoped that today's coffee delivery will bring everyone out of their mental hangover. This quiet office thing is creeping even me out!

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The Scratching Post: Introducing Kat!

Posted May 21 2009, 11:32 AM

Hello cyberspace, my name is Kat and I work for Ambrosia Software. If you've called our company in the past 8 months or so, you may know me as the operator girl; but like most of our 14 staff members, I manage to wear many hats throughout the day. Thankfully, in my case it is not because I'm balding.

As I'm sure is somewhat standard in the software industry, I am the lone female in an office full of what amounts to overgrown, bearded 6th graders. I would say I'm the only girl, but if you've ever met some staff members -- who shall here remain nameless -- you would know that is not entirely accurate! Fortunately, we did all stop maturing around the same age, so "your mom" jokes and general fart humor universally entertain our motley crew.

So, how did I end up at Ambrosia? Well, like most ambitious (synonymous with naive) young people, I spent four years earning a bachelors degree in something I really loved doing -- writing. And, like most of said demographic, I found myself waiting tables and cleaning my diploma frame with my tears ... Oh what, like you haven't been there?

Anyhow, a few months and six W-2s later, I found myself in an ergonomically sound office chair, manning a 24" iMac and a phone line that won't quit. The details are a little hazy, but I imagine I must have sold myself fairly well to el' Presidente. We can only assume this is where my undergraduate journalism experience, also known as my BS degree, really gave me that cutting edge I needed.

Now, over a half year into my employment with Ambrosia, it is suffice to say they're going to have a hard time getting rid of me. Spending 40 hours each week in an office has the potential to be a scary and incredibly frustrating thing -- I've worked with some highly educated individuals who could not quite manage percolating a pot of coffee. In the little house-on-the-corner we call an office, however, I've found that a full work week is more like spending an obscene amount of time with all the big brothers I never wanted. Between early morning laughter in the kitchen; Hector's incessant screeching; the ever shifting menagerie of puppy dogs underfoot; and belches so loud the windows rattle (okay, that one was me!)-- dull and quiet are not adjectives I use here very often.

I came for the paychecks; I stay for the poop jokes, beer talk, and Brenda's fantastic monthly massage visits. Sure, I may not have made it to National Geographic (yet!), but at least they gave me a blog to shut me up!

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EasyEnvelopes; 10 little known Mac utilities

Posted May 7 2009, 06:29 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- May 7, 2009 -- Blogger David Alison recently decided to shoot a simple question to the twitterverse. That question: "Looking for cool little Mac utilities that nobody knows about. Got a favorite?"

Guess who came out on top?

To see the the remaining 9 on this list please click here:

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iSeek 1.1.3: Tom's Budget Software Pick on

Posted Apr 14 2009, 05:10 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- April 14, 2009 -- Ambrosia's newsblog isn't always reserved for the new products like Multiwinia, and WireTap Studio, or the upcoming sneak peeks like Soundboard.  From time to time we like to remember the other products that have been a staple for many Mac users, especially when said products make the news.   That is why it's nice to see our little utility iSeek getting a bit of news on   Tom Nelson, one of the Mac experts has decided to help readers during this time of troubled finances by suggesting iSeek as a good choice for a budget software pick.

Click here to read the full story...

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Andrew Welch on commenting on MacHeist

Posted Apr 8 2009, 09:29 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- April 8, 2009 -- You would have to have been on a deserted island, under a rock, on Mars, to avoid hearing about The MacHeist sales bundle that ended this past week.

Products such as our own WireTap Studio and Multiwinia, as well as a dozen other great titles from distinguished Mac software companies were found in this year's bundle, propelling MacHeist unit sales up over 88,000, and raising $850,000 for charity!

This is our second experience with MacHeist, and our el presidente Andrew Welch was recently interviewed at Wired Magazine's Blog about the MacHeist phenomenon, its impact on Mac developers and our software user community.

Read the article.

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