Andrew Welch

el Presidente
Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Andrew Welch has been working in the computer software industry for over two decades. He began this lifetime journey at the tender age of 15, when he designed professional quality computer typefaces, and sold them himself online.

Insatiable curiosity caused Mr. Welch to begin learning how to write computer software. By the age of 16, he was writing full-fledged productivity software that he self-published, and by the age of 17, he was writing commercial software for several industry-leading software publishing companies.

Mr. Welch then attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, enrolling in their world-renowned Photojournalism program to round himself as a person, and pursue his keen interest in photography. He continued to write software to pay his own way through college, and ended up succumbing to his passion for software development by founding Ambrosia Software, Inc. in 1993.

Since then, Ambrosia Software, Inc. has steadily grown from one person in a dorm room to a multi-million dollar company that employs 13 people full time, and works with hundreds of other people around the world under contract. The fruits of these labors have resulted in numerous software design awards and accolades over the past decade and a half.