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iToner Customer Comments

"This is the best ring-tone manager out there." Cyborgzerozeronine, Customer

"This software is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you guys for ALL the work you do!!! I'd be willing to pay more! I love Apple but don't let 'em knock you out of the game. We NEED you!!!!" Andrew A., Customer

"I heard about this product through the Ambrosia Announce Email I received a little while ago. Tried it with my iPhone, and it works PERFECT! Thank You! Another great product." John C., Customer

"Thanks for giving me back my ringtones! I love my iPhone, but have missed having custom ringtones! " T. Castle, Customer

"Gave it a try...GREAT! Simple as pie, and works flawlessly. Thanks, been waiting for this!" David T., Customer

"Thanks for this! It's a shame Apple didn't offer something like this straight out of the box, and native to the iPhone. However, Ambrosia is a company I like and trust so paying for this software is something I don't mind doing. Plus it's better than using other 'hacks' that, to be honest, worry me a bit. Thanks again!" Angelo P., Customer