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Solitaire Done Right.

Mondo Solitaire is solitaire done right, with 300+ game variants, slick graphics, and a user interface that's been designed especially with the Mac in mind.


Top Features

Solitairely Popular: Solitaire is the most popular computer game on the planet. The unique blend of skill, variety, and luck is what makes it such a strong draw to people the world over.

Made for the Mac: Mondo Solitaire isn't just a port from Windows or other platforms. It was painstakingly redesigned from the ground up to be a beautiful Mac application.

Variety and Spice: In addition to having every solitaire game under the sun, Mondo Solitaire also offers some spice with crazy and unique variants. Things like additional suits, additional decks, and alternate rules will keep the games fresh and challenging.

Hundreds of Games: Mondo Solitaire has literally hundreds of solitaire games. If there's a version of solitaire that you enjoy, chances are we have it! Play your old favorites, or explore and learn new solitaire games.

Gorgeous Cards & Themes: Mondo Solitaire ships with a wide variety of gorgeous themes for the card faces, card backs, and backgrounds that can be used in any combination together. You can even add your own backgrounds and card backs as well!


Media Kit

Get all Mondo Solitaire for Mac and Ambrosia logos & images, sized for both print and web. Also included are the Ambrosia brand guidelines.

(ZIP, 7 MB)


Try Mondo Solitaire for Mac!

Test drive available here:

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Product Information

Latest Release: Version 1.0.1 (4/4/2012)

First Released: Mar 8, 2011

Site: Mondo Solitaire for Mac

Price: USD $9.99


Mondo Solitaire for Mac Web Images

Ambrosia logo

128 x 200 PNG

Ambrosia wordmark

320 x 77 PNG

Mondo Solitaire for Mac icon

64 x 64 PNG

Need larger images?

Download the Media Kit for all the print and web versions of Mondo Solitaire for Mac logos and icons, as well as the Ambrosia logo and wordmark.


Mondo Solitaire for Mac logo

320 x 94 PNG


Mondo Solitaire for Mac in Action

System Requirements


Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only), minimum 1280 x 800 resolution

For Mac OS X

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Media Relations

For further information or assistance, please contact:

T: 585.325.1910 x104
F: 585.325.3665


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