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Record. Edit. Play.

WireTap Studio is a professional audio recording, editing, and management solution that allows you to manage and manipulate your audio with ease.


Top Features

Record anything: Capture the discrete audio output of any application, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware

LivePreview™: Listen to audio from any source, and hear it compressed live at whatever settings you choose - before you record!

Lossless editor: Customize your audio without fear, with an integrated editor that is completely non-destructive

Export with ease: All of your audio recordings are saved in a convenient library, and can be exported to remote servers, iTunes, iPod, iDisk, and other destinations with a simple drag and drop


Media Kit

Get all WireTap Studio and Ambrosia logos & images, sized for both print and web. Also included are the Ambrosia brand guidelines.

(ZIP, 6 MB)


Try WireTap Studio!

Test drive available here:

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Product Information

Latest Release: Version 1.2.2 (3/29/2013)

First Released: Oct 11, 2007

Site: WireTap Studio

Price: USD $69



WireTap Studio Web Images

Ambrosia logo

128 x 200 PNG

Ambrosia wordmark

320 x 77 PNG

WireTap Studio icon

64 x 64 PNG

Need larger images?

Download the Media Kit for all the print and web versions of WireTap Studio logos and icons, as well as the Ambrosia logo and wordmark.


WireTap Studio logo

320 x 99 PNG


WireTap Studio in Action

System Requirements


Mac OS X 10.7 or later

For Mac OS X, Intel native

Press Releases

Media Relations

For further information or assistance, please contact:

T: 585.325.1910 x104
F: 585.325.3665


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