Ambrosia Attends Macworld SF 2008

Posted Jan 14 2008, 12:00 AM

A fun little hand written sign reads "San Francisco or Bust." hanging on the side of Hector D. Byrd's cage. The rest of the office is a flurry of movement and excited conversation as the Ambrosia crew busy themselves packing computers and audio equipment. The happy excitement of having fun new shirts and DVDs showing off the games and utilities that has made the company as famous as it is. Why, you might ask? Because of Macworld 2008 in San Francisco.
Ambrosia Software is once again returning to Macworld to show off the new products and to celebrate our fifteenth year in business! That's right 15 years of productivity and anti-productivity for the Mac.  
"We've been around for 15 years making great software for the Mac community," said Andrew Welch, Ambrosia Software's el Presidente. "That means we outlasted disco, bell bottom jeans, corduroy shirts, big hair girls, and Members Only jackets. I'm okay with that."
As always, every year that Ambrosia Software goes to Macworld (or any expo for that matter), we want to have something unique and interesting for the people to take away with them after leaving our booth. This year we have quite a few items that are sure to be popular for the fans who stop in and see us on the Expo floor.
The Ambrosia booth (#W-4126) is a gorgeous 20x20 foot area and truly is an island unto itself. free floating in the center of the West hall, the booth proudly displays the Company name high in the air with the New Logo for all to see! Everyone that stops in the booth will receive an ultra spiffy Ambrosia DVD in a custom designed clamshell package. The DVD is loaded with unregistered versions of Ambrosia's software that have been seen over the years as well as all the great stuff just hitting the market like WireTap Studio and iToner. 4 unique clamshell packages house the DVDs, and were specifically designed to highlight the products we're showing here at the expo. These are for WireTap Studio, Snapz Pro X 2, iToner, and a compilation of our recent games.
The freebies don't stop there, we also are offering some fine crafted enamel pins for our Booth attendees to enjoy. The pins are to celebrate the overwhelming approval of our latest audio capturing and editing utility, WireTap Studio. Each pin has the WireTap Studio logo, the waveform artwork, and the humorous tag line "I'd Tap That!". Stop by and get one before they all vanish!


Since it's our 15th year the crew at Ambrosia will also be giving away 15 shirts an hour (during exhibit hall hours) to the lucky people here at Macworld! These aren't just any old shirts, but new custom shirts designed by Insanely Great Tees. 
Get your Ambrosia Brand Lightning in a Bottle today! 



Also available is our shirts to match the pins. Ambrosia's "I'd Tap That!" shirts!



Shirts also available for sale should you not get one for free.
As every cheesy infomercial proudly states "Wait, There's More!". Well, we aren't done yet with all the love we are sharing with the Mac Community. In further appreciation of our loyal customers, or even the new ones that just found us, a 10% discount will be given on all of our software. And fear not, if you can't make it to the booth, this discount will be available to all customers, even those who are unable to make it to Macworld Expo. 
To see and read more about the Ambrosia Software Booth and MacWorld SF 2008 please stop in the Ambrosia Boards and check out the postings in the Ambrosia Banter. Coupon codes and promotional details will be posted there shortly!

Remember to stop by Ambrosia Software's booth (#W-4216) in the West Hall of Moscone Center, and get in on the celebration! 

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