Ambrosia at the PodCast and New Media Expo

Posted Sep 21 2007, 12:00 AM

To All the Podcasters and New Media readers we just wanted to put the bug in everyones ear again, that Ambrosia will be attending this years Podcast and New Media expo in Ontario California Next week.


The 3rd Annual New Media Expo is an annual convention that educates individuals and companies about how to produce high-quality audio and video digital content, grow a loyal audience, and market or monetize that content in creative ways.

The Expo is a "prosumer" and corporate event that brings together influential digital media creators, podcasters and content developers to cover the complete range of creation techniques, business objectives and future trends.
The Expo is also a major networking event where content creators can share ideas and build partnerships.

Ambrosia Crew Members will be there showing off our software, offering demonstrations and Just making the Expo that much cooler. Should you be in the area, or a podcaster please feel free to swing past the booth and say a hello.

The crew will be Me, master of the PR Guru and Schmoozing. Evan the true sultan of service and tech support master himself. And the one and only Michael the Secretary of Ambrosia Propaganda! We will be recording audio segments using the latest software we have, WireTap Studio!, meeting with some other fellow podcasters, and having hourly demonstrations of what our software can do.

The Ambrosia booth, #508, is actually one of the largest that will be at the expo, and devided in half between systems showing off our software and allowing the users to play with them to the other half which is actually a theater area with seating so people can see the demonstrations of our software.

Not only are we showing off demonstrations of our software but we have invited many other podcasters to join us and use the booth and talk about their podcasts and even give live performances at the Ambrosia Booth.

Darren, Jeff, and Jeff Jr, the Three Amigos of will be joining the Ambrosia crew Saturday at 10am to help all the Expo goers recorver a bit from Friday Nights afterhour festivities from the Culture Catch Artist Salon which is the brain child of Dusty Petracca. The Extremepod guys are going to give a live show and recap of the expo up to that point and inviting everyone back to a BloodyMary Party in their suite to help the dazed crowd deal with the hangovers and energize them for the rest of the show. To help with this, Ambrosia will be offering those that show up free Ambrosia Mugs to help hold their life juice.. I mean coffee. So show up at 10 on saturday and get a free Ambrosia Mug (and maybe we'll throw in coffee!)

David Hamilton, President and CEO of the MacObserver will be joining us to discuss his site, the expo itself and to chat with us about the Mac and what the future holds for all that use these great peices of art we call our computer.

Since we have the Party aspect covered, and the Tech aspect covered, what we needed to do is also have a bit of Science thrown into the mix to really capture what it means to be Ambrosia. To fullfill this we are having one of my favorite podcasts sitting in the Ambrosia booth, Kirsten Sanford, Creator and host of This Week in Science. For those that don't now them, TWiS is a 1 hour weekly science/tech radio show that is broadcast in over 60 countries worldwide and discusses all the topics your hungry brain needs to know about.

There are still other podcasters set to be making an apperance at our booth, if only to sit and chat and do some recordings. Make sure to check back next week to learn more.

Lets not forget how wild the Ambrosia crew is, it's not going to be all work this entire Expo. To get the fun times started Ambrosia is Sponsoring the ExtremePods party that is happening Thusday night (Sept 27th). Ambrosia Shirts, hats and other other goodies are being given away as the Podcasters decend upon the Suite. Podshow will be there interviewing guests and the famous folks that are venturing to this big event for their own site. So, make sure to look for us and the big Ambrosia Banner on their site in the future. 


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