Ambrosia releases Dragster 1.1.1, File Transfer Utility

Posted Mar 25 2010, 03:23 PM

ROCHESTER, New York -- March 25, 2010 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. today announced the release of Dragster 1.1.1, its convenient and configurable file transferring utility. The new version fixes various issues and improves key functionality. Dragster lets you quickly and easily send files to remote servers via numerous protocols, and to people via email, Bluetooth & Instant Messaging. The new version adds media sharing capabilities, so you can send pictures and videos to Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube with just a simple drag and drop.

Dragster 1.1.1 includes the following changes/improvements:

  • Made sure server URL has http:// if it's missing a protocol
  • If key-based authentication is enabled, only SFTP/SCP is tried with Best Available  
  • Key-based authentication fixed when using Best Available 
  • Fixed server field being editable during Best Available  
  • Fixed problem with FTP error during Best Available with blank password  
  • Fixed local shortcut editing allowing invalid path to be manually entered  
  • Preserved shortcut selection after editing a shortcut 
  • Now using proper (prettier) URL with Flickr uploads
  • Fixed Dragster not allowing file shares to be ejected  
  • Fixed local destination & shortcuts not doing move by default  
  • Fixed issues with option key not always toggling move/copy  
  • Fixed AFP error on 10.5 by requesting to run in 32-bit (10.5.8+)  
  • Fixed issues with AFP/SMB shortcuts not navigating to saved folder

Dragster costs $19, requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. This updated version, which is free to all registered users of Dragster 1.x, may be downloaded here:

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