Ambrosia releases Intel compatible WireTap Pro 1.2.0!

Posted Jun 2 2006, 12:00 AM

To all those fans of WireTap Pro, one of the most versatile audio recording programs for the Mac, your wait for an Intel compatible version is over!  


Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced this week the release of WireTap Pro 1.2.0. 
This minor bug-fix update of the audio capture utility adds compatibility with Intel processor Macs, among other bug fixes. This is free to registered users of WireTap Pro 1.x is a stepping stone to a major new Universal Binary version of WireTap Pro that is already well underway. Download WireTap Pro 1.2.0

WireTap Pro 1.2.0 features the following changes/enhancements:
-- Can now record Mac Audio when running under Rosetta on Intel Macs; performance is excellent.
-- Fixed the available source records in applescript.
-- Fixed the Automator action.
-- Finder is now always present in the procesing application popup.
-- Fixed a problem that caused the preprocessor field to go blank if the postprocessor field had a file in it.
-- Fixed a bug that caused a file choosing sheet to get stuck on 10.2 systems.
With the click of a button, WireTap Pro allows you to record any audio on your Mac. WireTap Pro's simple but powerful interface allows you to record audio from any running applications, as well as from any microphone, line-in, headset, and even your radioSHARK.
Want to record sound snippets from your favorite DVD movie, digitize your old record collection, record streaming audio from the Internet, or even use your iPod as a personal Dictaphone? WireTap Pro is your solution. Download it and try it out for free now.
WireTap Pro can save your digital recordings in the popular .mp3, AAC, QuickTime, and AIFF file formats, saving them to your hard drive for later processing/listening. WireTap Pro can also save your recordings directly into iTunes, or onto your iPod or other iTunes-compatible .mp3 player. You have total control over the file format, compression, and quality of your recordings.
WireTap Pro costs $19, and a free trial version is available.
Ambrosia Software, Inc. - publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh and Windows - distributes a full line of utility, productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software through the Internet as shareware. Unregistered versions of Ambrosia's products on CD can be obtained at Ambrosia's web site, or by calling Ambrosia's order center at 585.325.1910 

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