Ambrosia releases iSeek 1.1.1

Posted Jul 12 2006, 12:00 AM

For those, like myself, who use iSeek almost constantly, the Ambrosia Times has some exciting news for you! Ambrosia Software has announced that it has released a new version of it's menu bar buddy, iSeek!  
The announcement of iSeek 1.1.1. may not be the biggest news on the net , but it is great to those who rely upon this software, such as myself. And those who are using the latest Intel Macs. From needing a quick google search, to finding an actors name on IMDB. Or, in the case of the Ambrosia Times: looking up unique words to make people think I have a vast lexicon... or as says "phraseology". This little application, iSeek, is something you really can not live without. And thankfully, it works perfectly with the new Intel Machines.
Download this minor update of the Internet search utility, which is free to registered users of iSeek 1.x.

iSeek 1.1.1 features the following changes/enhancements:
-- Compiled as Universal Binary to run natively on Intel Macs.
-- Enclosed Register program is now Universal Binary.
iSeek is an indispensable tool that allows you to instantly search for anything on the Internet, no matter what program you're running at the time. iSeek puts a familiar search field in your menu bar, always at your beck and call, needing just a click or keystroke to start your search. No lengthy startup times, no cumbersome interface to navigate, just streamlined Aqua goodness.
iSeek's slick and seamless interface belies a significant amount of power and convenience; its no mere front-end to Google, it ships with pre-configured search shortcuts for dozens of useful Internet resources, and is eminently customizable and expandable. Try it now for free.
Track your FedEx packages with a single click, search for lyrics to your favorite songs, check on weather conditions, read reviews of movies you're planning to see -- the sky's the limit. iSeek is like Sherlock(tm), only fast and convenient, which means you'll actually use it. Every day. And then wonder how you did without it.
iSeek costs $15, and a free trial version is available.

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