DEFCON Lan Party

Posted May 9 2007, 12:00 AM


What's beautiful, addictive, and able to make hardcore gamers put down their copies of Unreal, Halo, and StarCraft to take notice. If you answered a beautiful woman offering caffeine, then you are close. What I'm referring to is Ambrosia latest game DEFCON, the online, multiplayer strategy game that has you fighting your opponents with thermonuclear weapons. 
Ambrosia's PR man and resident Schmoozehound, John Champlin, recently was invited to demonstrate this game, as well as many others, at Nazareth College for their first ever official LAN party being held in the Golisano Academic Center. Laden heavy with games, computers, and prizes for the winners, John showed up to see a surprisingly large group of games both from the PC and Mac side. 
He sat up a small Ambrosia HQ between the walls of machines with custom lighting, detailed paint jobs, and other tricked out computers that would give "Pimp-my-Ride" a run for it's overly flashy money! Within moments people perked up excited to see "The People who made EV Nova" here at the gathering. It was a solid evening, speaking with people proclaiming how they had lost many hours in school over playing our games over the years. "Bubble Trouble X was my addiction in 10th grade", "GooBall got me through Finals Week last year", "Uplink is Greater than Awesome", and many other highly quotable comments came pouring in from fans, stunned to learn of our local status. Not surprisingly there were very few folks in attendance that were unaware of the company. 
Midway through the evening, while the other tournaments dwindled and came to a close, the Ambrosia demonstration was broadcast over the large projector in the front of the room. With videos and demos of all the games being shown in larger than life style, people quickly shifted from the dull first person shooters and watched the dotted lines of nukes across the screen, or the smoking tires leaping from the starting line. Going down the list of games found on the Ambrosia DVD, there was something there for everyone.
A chance at DEFCON Tournaments captured the attention of the party goers, also the announcement that the winners would be getting free stuff didn't hurt either. The interoperability between the Mac and PC meant that everyone could play. Tournament machines were being set up as groups sat down to learn the tutorial and plan their techniques to attack.  



An hour of game play had whittled down the players to the remaining few who seemed quite at home with destroying the world with nuclear weapons. In the end, when the smoke cleared and the radiation returned to safe levels, the Master of ThermoNuclear War was crowned, as he didn't really win, but in truth lost the least. 


As the tournament played on, demos of Ambrosia's racing game Redline was also shown to the hungry masses. With the projector showing the stunning graphics and surround sound system playing sound effects and pumping music from iTunes, the car races seemed epic, within minutes those that had drifted from DEFCON, found themselves behind the wheel and racing for the finish line.



The party went on from 8pm, well past 2 in the morning when the PR guy finally ran out of steam, and surprisingly words, as most of the evening was filled with Ambrosia related game-play and praise for the company offering free shwag. As he loaded up his equipment he could still hear the sounds of an assortment of Ambrosia Games being played through the room. With the gamers happy with new games on their system, and the masses more fashionable with Ambrosia Clothing on their back, John rode off towards the overly caffeinated horizon, to spread truth, justice, and the enjoyment of thermonuclear war to the Mac and PC. 

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