The Scratching Post: Demos and Durians

Posted May 24 2011, 12:53 PM


Sometimes, you've got to put your money where your mouth is. Last week, everyone's favorite IT guy, Jake, learned that lesson the hard way. Like… The really hard way.


If you are unfamiliar with the durian, allow me to brief you-- its a large tropical fruit that initially appears inedible, with good reason. When cracked open using a large knife or machete, the fruit inside looks like rotting flesh, and boasts the odor of a poorly maintained nursing home on a sunny onion farm. Still sound somehow appetizing? Well, then, the best part about the durian is that inside is not a nice light juice, as most fruits harbor, but a putrid pus-like "custard" that oozes out and stinks to high-heaven. The odor hangs heavy in the air, and the flavor has a funny way of reprising hours later-- the phantom flavor of regret. Apparently this is classifiable as a delicacy in the South Pacific.

Why would Jake willingly consume such a rare and delightful treat?

After many months of hard work, and a truly grueling release cycle for Mondo for the Mac, our programmers found Soundboard for iPad-- our brand new sound cart app for the iOS-- to be a welcomed change of pace. Always the team player, Jake offered up a bit of incentive for rapid progress. A date was set, May 10th, and if Soundboard for iPad was ready for Apple approval by this date, Jake agreed to consume the durian, much to the delight of our slightly sadistic development team.

With a fire lit under their asses and a deadline to meet, our programers completed Soundboard for iPad and, on May 9th, el' Presidente could be seen parading a large frozen durian around the office with a shameless grin on his face.

Well, that explains why Jake ate the stinky fruit; and he really DID chow down on it. But what excuse do the rest of us have??


Oh, come now. With the mentality of a 6th grade classroom, our Ambrosia staff is highly susceptible to peer pressure. Especially if we get to stand in a circle watching someone potentially vomit!(For the record, el' Presidente came closest!)  


In somewhat related news, the past two weeks have been full of amazing demos from our development team. Because we're so darn professional and full of gusto around here, we held our own Ambrosia Event-- complete with Coldplay blaring, and Apple devices geekily gripped in our sweaty little hands!

True to form, Jon (henceforth known as Jon Jobs) provided us with a peek into the future of screen capture software, which was very cool -- even for a techno-idiot like myself. He's obviously spent the past 9 months working diligently, and it will be great to see the finished product! We also got a nice preview of the next EasyEnvelopes update, which the office administrator in me got a little too giddy about. Of course, we got a demonstration of Soundboard for iPad, a few screenshots can be perused here: Soundboard for iPad Coming Soon!. And our intern Dan earned himself a round of applause with his demo for Soundboard Remote, which allows cued sounds to be triggered on a Mac using the portability of the iPad.


Lastly, since it's finally springtime in Rochester, the Ambrosia Software crew donned our mommy-daddy vests last week and got reacquainted with our 3-mile stretch of adopted highway. Anyone who has followed our previous misadventures knows how these cleanups generally go, and this time was just more of the same. Our suburban highway has proven itself a haven for protein-shake consuming muscle-builders; boozers and drug users; and this strange segment of the population who seem to think once you scoop the poop, you toss the bag into a tree. For a couple hours out of our frigidly climate-controlled office, however, it all seems to be a fair enough trade!

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