EasyEnvelopes rises like a phoenix. Beta testers sought!

Posted Oct 25 2011, 03:15 AM

When I first started writing software, I was a teenager in my parent's house, doing it for the challenge and enjoyment of it. I don't want to date myself too much, but that was back in the days of 1200 baud dialup modems and BBSs... and floppy disks.

My problem at the time wasn't the technical hurdle of coding, but rather figuring out what to code. I was a kid, and had little concept of what actual people in the real world did with their computers. So at a family get together, it was natural for me to take advice from a relative who said he really could use an "easy" way to print envelopes.

That direction in hand, I set out to write a program ("Desk Accessory" in the parlance of the day) that would let you print envelopes easily. Being an original and creative kind of guy, I called it "EasyEnvelopes".

It actually turned out to be quite successful (named one of MacUser's top 200 products of 1989!!!), but it never made the transition from MacOS "Classic" to MacOS X. Fast-forward more years than I care to recount, and we had a baffling number of people still contacting us on a regular basis for an updated version of EasyEnvelopes. Sadly, I couldn't even find an old screenshot of the original EasyEnvelopes, despite searching high and low.

So when Apple came out with the concept of "Widgets" for MacOS X, we decided it'd be a natural way to kill two birds with one stone. We'd develop a nice modern version of EasyEnvelopes for the people who continued to desire it, and we'd make it free. Great success!

So is all of this just meandering down memory lane? Nay, dear reader. We have come full circle. With the advent of the MacApp store, iPhones, iPads, and the concept of simple, single-purpose apps, we decided the time was right to take EasyEnvelopes to the next level. This venerable phoenix will rise once more, reborn.

We're working on a full blown modern EasyEnvelopes that handles laying out, formatting, and printing envelopes in a modern, easy to use package. This little Mac App will even do mailing lists, custom envelope sizes, and we plan to bring it to the iPad and maybe even iPhone. That's if hipsters these days can grok the idea of an actual printed envelope.

Here are some screenshots of what we have baking in the oven:

We could use your help. If you're interested in beta testing the new MacOS X version of EasyEnvelopes, and are running MacOS X 10.7 aka "Lion", please click here.

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Beta Testing

I bought Andrew Welch's software back in the '80's and have been upgrading since. Always the best! Now I'm an app developer myself. If you are needing Snapz Pro or EasyEnvelopes tested on Mountain Lion, let me know. Hoping soon for a working Mountain Lion Snapz Pro (video sound and objects bugs addressed). I've got my billfold out and ready. :-) Glad to donate to the cause.

On Oct 17 2012, 06:18 PM, by JohnCowMilk


That looks very nice. When I (hopefully soon) upgrade, I'll check if you still want testers.

On Mar 27 2012, 07:48 PM, by Alan

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beta testing

I'd love to help test your new version. I asked for these features a long time ago and am very happy you're ready to include these changes. I'd also like to be able to have multiple return addresses.

As jackl said above, the "please click here" link isn't working. Thanks.

On Dec 19 2011, 02:41 PM, by prl99

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Beta tester - Easy Envelopes - Error in above link?

I'd love to be a beta tester for the EasyEnvelopes Lion OX upgrades! It's always been one of my favorite widgets. I'm (very laboriously) transferring things many apps and cookies that won't work with "Migration Assistant" from my old Core 2 duo MBP to a new snazzy early 2011 machine, and this was one of my first stops for a few indispensable widgets.

However, when clicking on the "beta tester" link above, I was getting an error message.

You can get in touch with me with my forum registration email for this account! (jack.lebowitz (at) Thanks!

On Dec 18 2011, 07:16 PM, by jackl

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Easy Envelopes

Maybe this is beyond the scope of your product, but what I would really love is to be able to take my mailing lists from Address Book, move them over to a program like yours, and then decide where on my sheet of labels they'd start printing…and in what direction.

I really miss Palm Desktop.

On Dec 11 2011, 05:53 AM, by keg13206

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