Intel Compatibility

Posted Mar 23 2006, 12:00 AM

May 7th 2006: Darwinia and Apeiron X have now been updated and are fully compatible with the Intel Processors.  
June 1st 2006: With the release WireTap Pro 1.2.0 it is now fully compatible with Intel Processors.
August 25th 2006: With the release Snapz Pro X 2.0.3 it is now fully compatible with Intel Processors.

This week I was able to sit down and do some compatibility testing with all of our OS X native products on the shiny new MacBook Pro we just received.  
The MacBook Pro uses the new Intel processor. Applications that were not designed to run natively with the Intel chips must use Rosetta. In the same way Classic allowed applications designed for OS 7, 8 and 9 to run on OS X, Rosetta allows applications designed to run on the PowerPC Macs to run on the Intel Macs. Unfortunately some functions and features just can't be emulated under Rosetta.
We're going to use badges in the System Requirements of the product page to indicate the level of compatibility with the Intel Processors.
Indicates the product is a universal binary, meaning designed to run on either the PowerPC or Intel Processors.
Indicates the product is fully emulated under Rosetta.
Indicates the product loses some or all functionality under Rosetta.
Here are the results of testing on the MacBook Pro:
EasyEnvelopes Widget - currently our only Intel Native product
The following products had no problems on the MacBook Pro:
Aki Mahjong Solitaire
Apeiron X
Bubble Trouble X
Deimos Rising
The Adventures of El Ballo

The following games ran with a few cosmetic glitches, but were very much playable:
EV Nova - the interface button animations ran a bit slowly, but other than that the game ran perfectly.
Darwinia - the introductory music seemed to play a bit staticy, but game play was smooth.
The following products lost some functionality under Rosetta:
Uplink - the interface buttons did not respond reliably or consistently, making the game very difficult to play.
pop-pop - the controls were a bit mushy and slow to respond. Clearly this makes it difficult to play.
GooBall - unfortunately GooBall is not playable on the Intel based Macs. It will load and get to the main menu, but will then go to a blank screen or window, necessitating a force quit.
WireTap Pro - unfortunately WireTap Pro's mac audio recording feature is not compatible with the new Intel Macs. However recording with the source set to Mic/line in works fine under Rosetta. To record Mac audio you can connect a line from your Mac's audio output (speaker or headphone jack) to your Mac's audio input. Then set the source in WireTap Pro to Mic/Line in and WIreTap Pro will record the Mac audio from the line in.
Snapz Pro X 2 - like WireTap Pro, the kernel extension SP X relies on to record Mac audio is not compatible with the Intel processors, so Snapz Pro X 2 cannot record Mac audio with movies. It should have no problems recording from a microphone or line in.
The workaround described above for recording Mac audio with WireTap Pro should work with Snapz Pro X 2 also.
If the movie guides option is checked in the Movie Settings palette, the vertical lines of the guide will appear as a series of lines in the movie. The workaround is to uncheck that option.
Cursors in movies are hollow. We do not have a workaround for this problem.
We are hard at work on Universal Binaries of Snapz Pro X 2 and WireTap Pro. In the meantime we are investigating releasing interim updates to both that would not be Intel Native, but would be fully emulated and functional under Rosetta.


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