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Posted Jan 18 2009, 12:09 PM

It has been over a week since the final day of the 2009 San Francisco Macworld Expo, where Ambrosia and her crew demoed our latest and greatest. We've spent the last week recovering, answering the emails and messages that piled up during our absence (thank you for your patience, emailers and message-leavers!), and trying to remember why we choose to spend our winters in Rochester, when California's "60 and sunny" January time is oh-so lovely.  

As we continue to answer all the emails (and shovel snow), we thought it would be nice to share our experience at the 25th Macworld Expo, which sadly marks Apple's final appearance at this unique community event.  


The booth this year was an eye catching design, aimed at featuring five products on its four sides, and creating an open, friendly place in the center for longer conversations or sales. Our artist Marcus really outdid himself with the open design and engaging visuals.  From the time the doors opened the first day till the moment the lights went off on Friday, everyone of the crew was lost in a sea of friendly folks asking questions and wanting to see all of our current (and upcoming) products.  Your hosts were David, Dominic, Evan, Marcus, John, Thomas, and Kat all wearing our WireTap Anywhere shirts, demonstrating the products, and handing out some very cool swag.  


Ambrosia's 20x20 booth offered a quick visual display of the products we showcased at this year's Expo. Each side of the booth was colorfully emblazoned with artwork and bearing the names of the products; iToner 2, Multiwinia & Aquaria, WireTap Anywhere and WireTap Studio.  All corners of the booth had an iMac demo station manned by one of the crew, which was mirrored to a 42 inch display up high. Sound to each Mac was provided by top of the line AudioEngine Speakers and each station was ready to show not just those products but everything in Ambrosia's arsenal.  



Marcus came up with a iconic image inspired by our original Zeus logo. The stickers and demo DVDs were snatched up faster than we could put them out. The "Tap it Anywhere" pins served as lanyard stabilizers that produced a smile from anyone who looked at them, and our "I'd Tap That" t-shirts (wrapped by Ambrosia-branded rubber bands) were all over the attendees the day after the show started.

Macworld Expo is a great community - it was nice to see familiar faces from previous year's shows, gratifying to hear how our products had saved the day or filled free time with fun, or to hear ideas about what we should do to make our products even better. We especially enjoyed talking to folks to whom we introduced WireTap Studio last year, returning this year just to say how much they loved the product, and how it has made it's way into their daily lives, as well as the occasional "you know what would make this really cool..." idea. 

One of the highlights of this Expo was the exciting news that again one of Ambrosia's products had been selected as a MacObserver's Editor's Choice Award winner!  WireTap Anywhere, our software that allows you take the audio output from any Mac application or hardware input device and bring it into your favorite audio recording application, was chosen the winner out of a long line of products. WireTap's developer Dominic was interviewed about the how to use WireTap Anywhere, and special props go to David, who demonstrated the WireTap products with such aplomb that his audience felt like they'd seen a little bit of magic.

Marcus is not only our resident artist, but his ability to show products like iToner 2, our best-selling utility that allows you to turn virtually any audio file into a crisp and rich-sounding custom iPhone ringtone in just a few clicks, and Snapz Pro X 2, our legendary screen and movie capture utility, had people not just asking to try it but wanting to buy it on the spot!  

Also, everyone within ear shot of our booth always knew when it was closing time by the distinct and infectious crooning of Night Ranger singing "Sister Christian" booming over the aforementioned awesome speakers (don't ask us why, it just felt right).

In addition to the apps featured on the booth, we also gave Macworld attendees a chance to play with a wide variety of our other products, including the upcoming Soundboard, which will let podcasters create an easily-accessible library of favorite sounds and audio clips that can be triggered with hot keys on the Mac's keyboard. 

We gave the games side to John (aka Magnus) - he's a big kid at heart, he knows all the games forwards and backwards, and he's big, bald, and kinda scary, so we try to keep him happy when possible.

While others were discussing audio components, compression options, and ringtones, John steered kids of all ages to be mesmerized by the fluid voice of Naija from Aquaria or to laugh with the distinct and mischievous sound effects in Apeiron X. We gave people the chance to pit their wits against the ruthless AI in DEFCON, and held rousing (and crowd gathering) pop-pop challenge matches with the other stations in our booth. The first looks at the soon-to-be-released Multiwinia - the multiplayer real time strategy sequel to Darwinia garnered strong interest from all who caught a glimpse of its lightning-fast and engaging gameplay.

Our post-show hours were just as busy as the day shift, as most of us continued on showing the products and discussing the next day's plan of attack long into the nights.   Ambrosia sponsored this year's Cirque du Mac party, where the entertainment ranged from a trapeze artist to the Macworld All-Star Band, featuring a crowd-boosting version of Flip, Flop, and Fly, sung by Mac columnist Andy Ihnatko. Needless to say, epic fun was had by all, and party-goers definitely needed an extra shot of espresso to get going the next morning.


All in all, Macworld Expo 2009 was a great show. We loved seeing and hearing from all of our visitors, and you've reminded us why we love to do what we do - make award-winning utility, productivity, and anti-productivity (games) software for Mac users everywhere. We would like to thank all those that made it out to see us, and hope to see you again at future Expos!


To see more photos and stories please visit our Web board.

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