Macworld SF 2008 Wrap Up

Posted Jan 31 2008, 12:00 AM


"You know what the most amazing thing about this entire Macworld is?", asked Andrew Welch, el Presidente of Ambrosia Software, as he sat on the plane heading back home to Rochester, NY. "That of all people, you are the one that lost his voice from talking too much!" With a laughing gesture he points to the raspy and overly tired PR guru, John Champlin, who like the rest of the crew, had spent all week offering demonstrations and presenting the latest products Ambrosia had to offer to attendees of Macworld Expo 2008.
The crowds were happy, they learned of our products, and came away with not just more knowledge of what we offered, but also as much free swag as we could pawn off on them. Be it a variety of custom shirts, WireTap Studio "I'd Tap That" Pins, or custom Ambrosia DVD's, everyone left with at least something that showed that Ambrosia Software loves to make people smile. Located in the Moscone Center West Hall, the 20X20 Ambrosia booth had been designed and laid out with the flow of customers in mind. Four demo stations with impressive 24 inch iMacs, sat on the peripheral of the booth, each manned by one of the Ambrosia crew. The sleek looking display was perfect for showing off the amazing artwork of Aquaria, or to add that little bit more impressive look to the video capturing ability of Snapz Pro X. The stations were also equipped with some unique and powerful audio equipment such as Blue Microphone's SnowBall microphones, and some impressive speakers graciously presented by AudioEngine. Each person that asked for a demo was pleased to see and hear the best we had to offer. The center area of our booth was covered with soft padded carpet that saved the feet of every crew member having to stand the entire day, and offered seating where people could watch hourly presentations of WireTap Studio on a large plasma display. Occasionally a quick game of Aquaria, DEFCON, or even a Redline race could be seen across the screen to catch the eyes of the passersby. At the head of the grand design was a central counter to purchase products, get more information and to gain all the freebies offered. The cool grey colors of the booth and Ambrosia crew polo shirts matched perfectly with the new embossed logo.
The booth was located just a few places in from the front and its tower saying the name "Ambrosia Software" drew a crowd the moments the doors (or rather floodgates) were opened. With the keynote complete, the all clear to open the doors and the mass of Mac fans poured through and within moments Macworld Expo 2008 was underway. Dozens of people swarmed around each demo station asking about the products displayed on the placards.
It wasn't long before a nice flow of people kept everyone busy, each walking around learning about all the products that were offered. Some learned what they could, but waited patiently for the theater presentation to begin. With the click of a microphone, the demo stations quieted a bit as to allow Michael Simmons to demo the award winning software, WireTap Studio, in the theater. Each presentation was packed, and the moment it ended, people would instantly start asking when the next would start. It's no surprise that The Mac Observer awarded WireTap Studio with it's Editors Choice award, as every person that sat through a demo was awestruck with its capabilities, its ease of use, and the low price tag.
To say that the crew was busy would be an understatement. Few had time to even take a break for food let alone get out to investigate the rest of the expo itself. The days were full of interviews, demonstrations, and saying hello to the faces of many people we had only read about or chatted with over email or forums. Ambrosia managed to give out thousands of shirts, DVDs, and pins to the adoring masses. Many people would return the following days to learn more about products they had seen or tested the night before. At the close of each day, with a sigh of relief, the crew would sit down in the theater area of the booth and discuss the days events, and plan for the evening's activities. Many had interviews to handle, while others spent the time catching up on the workload from the office in their hotels. But, in the way that really is truly Ambrosia, most of the crew were invited to some of the largest parties because as always, Ambrosia and her crew are some of the best and know how to enjoy the parties.
Schmoozing and passing out business cards became a nightly event for almost everyone quickly. Be it at a media sponsored event, at MacBowl, a charity bowling tournament, or a small restaurant setting, the chance to talk about how great the expo was and the new items happening for Ambrosia and its future were a constant. Handful of fliers telling everyone where the booth was located passed through our hands as well as the handfuls of pins to the joy of everyone that read them. The pins had gone over so well that people would come back for more just to give to their friends who couldn't believe how clever the tagline was. Shirts and other goodies were stuffed in backpacks and satchels to be dispersed amongst the drinking crowds at all the events. The life of each party, with drinks in hands and jokes to be told, the Ambrosia crew made our presence known as big as we do for every event.
Rather than continue on with more, we'd much rather leave you with some of the random images captured over the course of Macworld Expo 2008. If you happen to have any of your own taken that you'd like to share please send them to us,we would love to add them to the collection!
Thanks for all those that stopped by the booth, and thanks to all those that made Macworld Expo 2008 as enjoyable and memorable as possible!
The Ambrosia Crew 



To see more photos or to leave comments please visit the Ambrosia Boards and check out the "Macworld wrap up" thread in Ambrosia Banter.  

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