Redline Racing League

Posted Jul 5 2007, 12:00 AM


For all you race fans out there, don't think that your days on the tracker lapping the newbies have been for nothing. A group of players have set up something that quickly sorts the weak from strong, the fast from the slow, and the crack bunnies from the Sim-only's.  
This is the Redline Racing League, or RRL for short. The RRL is an idea that orginated almost as soon as Ambrosia released Redline to the world. The first incarnation of this group occured in late 2006, and was created without any assistance from Ambrosia or it's crew. Set up by the fans, for the fans! This first league was rather short and simple with only a few races with 4 to 5 racers. Quick, dirty, great fun and over sadly too quickly. But, the idea wasn't dead, it was simply ahead of it's time. This sim-only racing setup suffered from a small player base and a limited choice of tracks and cars. But, with the explosive interest from the Mac racing community and Ambrosia foresight to include the ability for fans to expand upon the game, it was only a matter of time where this would all come together.
The league appeared to sit on the back burner for a while, but with the release of hi-grade, hi-quality plugin tracks like Pembrey, Brands Hatch, and Bardagi Road, there was finally a large enough mix of stock tracks and add-on tracks to allow for a much longer season with a great deal of racing variety.  
Redline has also gone from the nineteen built-in game cars to more than forty cars in at least six classes, depending on who's counting and who's racing.  
The Redline Racing League, which had been simmering quietly until May 2007, suddenly came to a boil when the racing community decided it was high time for the Sim racers to demonstrate what racing was all about.
Signup proceeded briskly, with 32 players quickly registering, blowing past all estimates of participation. First races were delayed while the rules were rewritten to accomodate so many players. The first two sessions have been races, with races proceeding until August 19.  
Race participants all take redlogs, which are available on the Redline Racing League site.  
Interviews and commentary will be available in the near future, so folks are encouraged to download and look at what the RRL is today!
Once the Summer Season is finished, the post mortem will begin. Rules will be modified based on experience, and the Autumn Season will be open for all comers!  
The RRL 2007 has a bright future so far, it looks like. Questions and comments can be posted on the Redline forum, or sent to Race Director "ElGuapo7" or Webmaster of the RRL "Brook".


Rules and Regulations are available on the RRL website:

Download the latest version of Redline.

Download the latest add-ons (cars, tracks, etc...).

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