The Scratching Post: New Things for Spring!

Posted Apr 13 2011, 01:55 PM

After months of trudging through heavy wet snow, subzero temperatures, and what felt like days of endless darkness, spring has finally shed a little light on Rochester, NY. With the return of the birds and sunshine comes a slew of likewise exciting news from Ambrosia HQ!

First and foremost, the anxiously anticipated release of Mondo Solitaire for Mac has our developers breathing a giant sigh of relief! As Ambrosia's first release on Apple's Mac Apps store, our programmers spent a great deal of time and energy hammering out the details until we had a product we were proud to stand behind. Although some of our devs may have been driven to near-insanity by the minutiae of this project, the end result is a game that is not only functional, but provides the user an incredibly rich audio visual experience-- unlike any other card game for the Mac! 


Also noteworthy is the massive TV now mounted in our front hall, which displays various bits of company information throughout the day. The monitor is connected to our server, and scrolls periodically through a jumble of numbers and charts (most of which I have yet to decipher). Setting it up quickly became the geek equivalent of men working on a truck engine, with at least 3 of my coworkers gathered importantly around it all day, sipping coffee and providing their helpful insight. Although definitely quieter than Hector, I'll be the first to admit I find it far less entertaining. Officially titled the "HUD," this latest addition serves as a reference tool for support staff, and connects to our company iCal-- reminding us of all when our important business meetings are scheduled. Never will one of us leave Mr. Obama waiting awkwardly at a TGIFridays during lunch hour again!

My personal favorite bit of news involves a tiny little ball of fur who has been slip-sliding around the hardwood floors of our office for the past week. Ares is Dominic's German Shepard puppy, and he is just the sweetest little baby dog! He currently enjoys chasing feet and snuggling in laps. Thankfully he, Phineas (John's Boston Terrier), and miss Daisy Mae (David's beloved ridgeback) have all made friends. If the sunshine outside wasn't enough of a mood-lifter, the dog brigade happily frolicking around the place has been making it impossible NOT to smile! 

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