The Scratching Post: Soundboard, Stolen Cars, and Summer Sojourning

Posted Jul 15 2009, 12:43 PM

If you were anywhere near Rochester, NY last week, you probably heard a collective cheer from the general direction of Ambrosia HQ. With the much anticipated release of Soundboard (Steve's pet project), a wave of excitement swept over the office.

Of course, the relief of a product release doesn't ever last very long. Our PR and Marketing team furiously began making their rounds, webmaster Jake made sure our website and Ambrosia Store were all good to go, and Evan buckled down in preparation of any post-release tech support issues. All has gone incredibly well so far, and Soundboard has gotten some really positive feedback! (Any issues or concerns related with the functionality of Soundboard should be directed to )

Following the string of bad luck the Ambrosia staff seemed to be having with our vehicles last month, John, being the ambitious guy that he is, had to one-up us all by having his recently-purchased car entirely stolen. John exited his house one morning on his way to work to discover only a little oil spot and a Big Wheel where his Mazda once sat! Okay, the thieves weren't awesome enough to trade John's ride for a Big Wheel (which, if grand theft auto were my thing, I would totally have), but his car definitely was stolen.

For about two weeks, John walked, biked, and waited without word on his vehicle. In an ironic twist of fate, the Mazda was discovered in a parking lot just one day before his insurance company was to fork out the money for a new car.

John's emotions were mixed as he approached the burgled car. There was obvious damage from the joyride, but a few surprises too. The pictured do' rag was found in the car (if by chance this is yours, please swing by the Rochester PD. They've got it waiting for you) along with a few other items of questionable origin.

At this writing, the car has been in the shop for joyride-induced repairs nearly as long as it was missing. John is hopeful that upon it's return it will have auto-pilot, a Slurpee dispenser, and a fusion powerplant reminiscent of Mr. Fusion from his beloved Back to the Future series. These modifications are, of course, the only logical reason why the repairs are taking so long!

In spite of the hectic pace at the office, with summer reaching its peak the Ambrosia staff has not missed out on any opportunity to enjoy these fleeting months of sunshine. I know it's probably just me, but I had always been under the impression that software programmers were afraid of, or possibly lethally allergic to, the sun. My coworkers have really myth-busted me this summer with their burgeoning tans! Now, not to cynically rule out that they may have all joined a kickball league, of course; but our developers always could just be sitting too close to the windows, late-night coding lights, or perhaps their monitors... Watch out for that glare, guys!

With the gorgeous weather and fourth of July holiday, a lot of our staffers are doing some traveling. Marcus and the wife made a little trip to Cape Cod a few weeks ago, Thomas abandoned his computer, cell phone and electricity for a week at Shasta Lake in northern California, and Jake donned grass skirt, lei, and many a mai-tai in Hawaii. David and his family have been across the state visiting relatives, Dominic just got back from Michigan, Jerome trekked to Maine, and I have been all over the map between Buffalo, Tennessee, Ohio and most recently, a weekend in West Virginia!

Our little office sure does get around!

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