The Scratching Post: Summer Winds Down; Ambrosia Gets Snow... Leopard!

Posted Sep 11 2009, 03:26 PM

Ah, September in Rochester. As the summertime subtly slips into its colorful autumn attire, those of us who will inevitably be spending the upcoming months under a prosaic icy white blanket are squeezing in a few sunny last-hurrahs. For a little change of pace, I have been staying put and enjoying the late-season Western New York scenery.

While my own summer wanderings have seemingly come to a halt, some of my coworkers are still following the travel bug. Evan and his family recently took a weekend trip down to Allegany State Park where they befriended the area wildlife-- including a black bear with a late night hankering for cheese curds! John took the long Labor Day weekend to adventure up the Atlantic, hitting up Massachusetts and Maine along the way. Though he was fighting a cold, John made the most of his trip to the eastern seaboard, returning well-rested, and with a cooler full of unwitting lobster (mmmm tasty ignorance).

El' Presidente also took some travel time this month, venturing a week-long Alaskan cruise with his lovely wife and their 9-month old son, Jackson. It was Jackson's first major trip and, upon return, Andrew is fairly certain he needs a vacation (wouldn't that be nice!).

Although it may sound like we are all kicking back, feet on our desks, icy beer in hand, we-- along with the rest of the Mac community-- have, on the contrary, been exceptionally busy these past few weeks! Our developers and quality assurance were working furiously to ensure compatibility with the latest slew of updates; first and foremost, Snow Leopard. Although Apple's release announcement left little time for action, we were able to ship updates to our major titles just in time for the eager techies greeting mail man for their copy of OS 10.6! Pats on the back (and those previously mentioned icy cold ones) are definitely due around here!

In mid-August, I observed the guys acting a little… strange. Of course, strange is generally par for the course around here, but watching my coworkers breaking down cardboard boxes (a job usually reserved for the box fairy, who looks suspiciously like another female employee we know), dusting the book shelves (yes, we have books here!), and cheerfully scrubbing Hector's sanctuary (much to her delight), I began to suspect something was up. I quickly discovered my Mac aficionado coworkers were preparing the office for a visit from some employees at Apple, and evidently wanted to leave a very good impression.

I'll admit, their enthusiasm was actually endearing-- the guys really got a good fall cleaning in. Of course, when Linda and Paul graced our presence, the guys acted cool and casual, but I could tell they were teeming with admiration. After a brief tour of our office-- which, to my dismay, did not include a white-glove inspection-- the pair embarked on a lunch meeting with el' Presidente, and did not return. Although the guy's elbow-grease may have gone unnoticed by Linda and Paul, the dogs and myself are now enjoying some good slides on the freshly polished floors, and Hector has been chirping happily away in her pristine habitat. Wonder what this place would look like if i started sending out staff e-mails about Apple visits a couple times a year?!

Back in July, our entire office seemed to be experiencing automotive issues. As it turns out, computer malfunction is the new car trouble. In a little over a month, we had several computer fails, including a what felt like a brush with death for my very own iMac. After an extremely frustrating day of drinking espresso and watching the beach ball spin endlessly on my monitor, I informed Jake that, although I'm no Mac tech, there was conclusively something wrong with my computer. Jake advised I go home and let him take a look for me (having an IT guy rocks, by the way). Upon my morning arrival here at HQ, I was informed by Evan that my iMac's hard drive had passed away in the night, and it was looking as though the data were unsalvageable. Because I sit on a computer 8 hours a day, I hardly touch my computer at home. Devastated only begins to describe the first-world-panic that crept over me. My day-to-day programs and settings! My address book! My saved documents! My pictures! My music!! The horror!

Fortunately, as I have mentioned before, not even my techno-clumsiness can stump these guys. Evan performed a very delicate surgery, which kept this girl white-knuckled for nearly an hour, and by the end of the day was able to retrieve all valuable data (my precioussss). As an added bonus, I was upgraded to Snow Leopard and given a fresh start on my machine!

Needless to say, I have since been religiously backing up all my info; I'm not sure my heart could take another one of these incidents!

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