The Scratching Post: Under Construction

Posted Apr 8 2010, 12:09 PM

The old adage holds true: there are two seasons for cities in the northeast-- winter and construction season! With all roads surrounding our corner office torn up, navigating our ways into work lately has proven a job unto itself. My windows views, as opposed to the usual 4-lane highways I gaze dreamily at, are now comprised of dirt piles, neon vests, and a seemingly absurd smattering of orange signs with arrows pointing every-which-way. Flashing lights, honking horns, and that insistent beep work trucks make when in reverse have become standard sights and sounds. I've nearly doubled my commute time, often sitting at the same red-light for several turns while a man in a hard-hat attempts to efficiently direct hostile 9-5ers.

For the most part, we Ambrosia staffers are masters of drowning out distraction. Working in an environment where playing video games is part of the job, one develops an uncanny ability to micro-focus. Although what is happening outside can be loud, it isn't all that interesting… a few incidents aside… (Oops, Bucket Attachment Fail.)


Our developers have been able to harbor their ninja coding skills (we would expect nothing less!), and were able to ship several products this past week, including four iPad specific versions of our classic iPhone/iPod touch games. The fun part about redeveloping these games to be approved by the App Store was not actually having a test machine because, of course, the iPad had yet to be released. Fortunately, it seems that all has gone well, and people are enjoying Mr. Sudoku, Aki Mahjong, and Mondo Solitaire on the bigger screen just fine.

That said, in celebration of the iPad and the release of our iPad games, el' Presidente decided to do a bit of a giveaway on popular social networking site, Twitter-- a Tweepstakes, if you will! Each day this week, we have been giving out an iPad to one lucky winner, and copies of our iPad games to runners-up. Unfortunately, since I am an Ambrosia employee, myself and my family members are not eligible for the drawing. I consider this a personal tragedy, but strongly encourage all my friends to enter (and remember who sent you!). After playing with several of my coworker's shiny new toys I am experiencing serious iPad lust!

For official rules and to enter, check the link below!!

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