'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Hector Style

Posted Dec 25 2006, 12:00 AM



'Twas the night before Christmas at Ambrosia HQ,
The place was all empty and missing it's crew.
Everyone on vacation, gone home for the season,
No emails were answered, and that is the reason.
At a different house, at a different time,
Andrew sat home, he was typing online.
To his buddies at home, and his family away,
He was telling them all to enjoy Christmas Day.
When outside his house there arose such a clatter,
He sprang from the desk to see what was the matter.
Away to the window, the hulking man ran,
To look out the window as fast as he can.
When, what to his wondering eyes should he spy,
But a wee little bird flying low in the sky.
This grey little parrot had on a red hat,
Confused our dear Andrew, and psyched up his cat.
With maddening sounds that just had to be heard,
He knew in a flash it was Hector D. Byrd!
More rapid than eagles this little bird came,
And whistled, and squaked, and called out the crew's name;
"Hey Charlene and Marcus, Hi Magnus and Dave,
Hi Ben and Evan", she said with a wave.
"Yo Rudy and Mike and of course Dominic,  
This list is too long, it's making me sick.
To Bernard, and Matt, and to our dear Andrew!
And to everyone else who's part of the Crew.
But what's most important, on this wintry night,
Listen up all those on the Ambrosia Website.
The Mods in the War-Room were typing with glee,
and the members all yelling for an Online EV.
You'd think I'd be rude for the Holiday Season,
Cause I'm a mean little bird, and that is the reason.
You had thought wrong and I hope that you see,
That not everyone's angry, and this year not me.
You thought I would swear and would possibly yell,
to scream at your family, to all go to hell.
Well this year it's different, and I will not be sour,
For it will be Christmas in just under an hour.
I'm happy as heck, and you'll soon know why,
I burnt down the office, and took to the sky.
The computers are melted, the desks are all smashed,
Your cars have been keyed and the servers all crashed!
Now I'm flying south where the weather is warm,
and down where the Crew can cause me no harm!"
Andrew heard enough and he ran straight outside,
He told her that there was no place for to hide.  
He raised his hands up and cursed at the sky,
Wondering why he bought Hector, why, oh dear why?
Then to Andrew she cried, as she flew out of sight,
"I really hate you all! I'm evil! That's Right!"
You'd think that the poem is all said in done,
but you forget this is Magnus, he must have his fun.
For there is a twist at the end of this story,
Like M. Night Shyamalan, though usually more gory.
For no one gets off doing things to Ambrosia,
Just ask Fredrick Gadnell, I'm sure he will show ya.
As Hector flew off thinking she was scott free,
She had no idea what would happen, you see.
Bernard heard it all, and reached for his gun,
And took out the birdie, he said it was fun.
So from all at Ambrosia, to those on our site,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"
(Thanks to Marcus Conge for the Art,
and some gramatical and rhyming assistance from Kepi) 

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