Upcoming Product: Soundboard

Posted Jan 16 2009, 07:32 PM

Coming soon from Ambrosia: Soundboard

Hello, gentle reaader. Chances are you have arrived at this page because you saw an oh-so-enticing Soundboard advertisement in one of the fine Mac-centric magazines we sponsor, and you are wanting to learn more.

Here's the deal: Soundboard is not quite ready yet.

When we placed the ad lo those many weeks ago, we thought it would be ready to go by now. It's not, but don't you fret, we're in the home stretch.

Put your email address in the box below and we'll email you the moment Soundboard is at full volume.

In the meantime, read on and learn more about what Soundboard will do:

Like the cart machines from broadcast radio days, Soundboard provides a simple way to enhance your podcasts or broadcasts with sound clips, effects, or musical accompaniment.

Soundboard lets you create an easily-accessible library of your favorite sounds and audio clips you can trigger with hot keys on your Mac's keyboard. Drag any audio file from your Mac, trim it and apply any desired effects or filters, and assign it a keyboard shortcut.

Soundboard was designed to be used in live performances - the interface is intuitive and usable at a glance from the start, and in no time hitting your favorite sound effects will be automatic. Each Soundboard you create can be exported and shared with your fellow DJs or podcasters with a click. Importing is just as easy.

Screenshots and further details follow.

Soundboard's intuitive UI


Soundboard's interface is clean, sounds are easy to import, customize, and invoke, and you are only limited by your imagination (and available audio clips).

Soundboard supports most any audio file. Simply drag and drop your audio into Soundboard and move it into the trigger pad of your choice. Triggers can be renamed, labeled with a custom color, and re-organized at will.

Trigger behavior can be customized - you can have your sound play completely with a tap, or you can set Soundboard to only play audio as long as your key is depressed.

Soundboard's non-destructive editor


Soundboard features some of the familiar, non-destructive audio editing and filtering tools of WireTap Studio. Create intros and fades, crop out pieces without fear of losing your original file, and apply any onboard filters to your audio.

Apply filters with ease


Additionally, Soundboard's output can be controlled and affected by your favorite MIDI device. Apply panning and gain (volume) settings from most any MIDI controller to your Soundboard library.

Soundboard in action - multiple clips running


And when your creation reaches "masterpiece" status, export your 'board and share it with other Soundboard users. Soundboard's streamlined interface means your audio clips sound great and are at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Beta status: In Beta (closed)

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