Upcoming Product: Soundboard for iPad

Posted May 10 2011, 01:15 PM

Soundboard banner

Soundboard is an application from Ambrosia that lets you create libraries of instantly trigger-able sound effects, and is used by broadcasters, podcasters, and live event artists the world over. Ever since the release of Soundboard 2.0 for Mac, Ambrosia has been hard at work on a version of Soundboard for iPad.

Adapting a desktop computer application for a "new category" portable device like the iPad can be challenging. First, you need to distill down what features people will want… which isn't necessarily the same as the desktop version. Often people will be using the device in very different physical situations, and thus their expectations and priorities are different.

We think we've done a pretty cool job making that adaptation in Soundboard for iPad. Here are a few screenshots:

Soundboard for iPad triggers

Tap on any of the triggers, and Soundboard for iPad will play the sound. Volume and ducking controls are all there, so you can hook your iPad up to a line-out and begin using it right away!

Soundboard for iPad controls

Soundboard for iPad also offers control over what sounds should do when you tap on them. They can either play through from start to finish, loop continuously, or play only for the duration that you're pressing the trigger.

Arranging sounds

You can also organize and edit your sounds directly in Soundboard, arranging them so you can flip quickly between banks of sounds on the fly. Soundboard can utilize audio that is already on your iPad, or you can bring over Soundboard files from the Mac version!

We're hoping to have Soundboard for iPad available within the next few weeks. We're really looking forward to seeing how our customers react to this reinvention of Soundboard—for iPad. It feels so natural to manipulate the sounds directly with the Multi-Touch interface on the iPad.

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I've purchased an iPad 2 for the purpose of doing live performances with the Ambrosia Soundboard application. We are told that the Soundboard for iPad will be available in "a few weeks." When exactly is that?

On Jul 26 2011, 05:53 PM, by overthehill

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I could really use this

This is EXACTLY the product I have been looking for and I would love to be a beta tester for it. I have gigs coming up in late June and July where I would use it to trigger sound FX during musical theater numbers. I just purchased the Mac version and hope the ipad solution hits the streets ASAP!!!

On May 28 2011, 11:00 PM, by bonamicop

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