iToner is released: Ambrosia wishes to thank the customers!

Posted Oct 17 2007, 12:00 AM

For those Ambrosia readers that check in daily to read what is currently happening around the company, you will no doubt have heard the exciting news that Ambrosia Software has released iToner 1.0.3. This latest build brings with it GUI improvement, fixes and enhancements but more importantly this latest version if iToner offers it's users iPhone OS 1.1.1 compatibility.
If you are a user of iToner, then please take this opportunity to download the latest version to bring back all those ringtones you miss on the iPhone. If you haven't, then I suggest downloading this handy little application to try it out for yourself.
Official iToner page
Rather than delve into the world of why iToner had broke or dwell on any issues or pointing of blame, we would rather focus our attention on where our motivation truly was founded to bring this software back from beyond the grave. The Ambrosia Times Weblog has decided to take this opportunity to point at where the striving force to update this software had truly come from.  
That source is the customers and fans of Ambrosia!  
We would like to thank all the customers out there who took time from their busy schedules to write us. When iToner had stopped functioning with the previous update, we had feared for the worst. That the masses would suddenly become enraged by the sounds of "Marimba" coming from their iPhones, and thus would drive them to quest for our blood. While we did have those that complained, cried, and demanded money back, we were nearly shocked by the public outpouring of support we had received by the customers who had purchased the product.  
Throughout the entire process, the ups and downs of iToner, or perhaps better said, the functioning and non-functioning points of it's life, the Public Relations guru had been reading the comments and responding to all those that had written to Ambrosia. We thought it would be nice for the Ambrosia Times readers to see a handful of the comments that helped ensure Ambrosia stay on course and have iToner released and available as soon as we could.
I just wanted to thank you guys for being so hard-nosed and dedicated to the development, and continued "fixing" of iToner. It's a really great app, and it speaks volumes about Ambrosia that you work so aggressively to maintain it, and keep it functional against the brick walls that Apple continues to introduce. So thank you for making such great software, and thank you for standing by your products so firmly. It really does say a lot!  
And I hope you realize that your dedication does not go unnoticed.
Wishing you luck for the future,
Hi Guys-
Just wanted to let you know that I'm pulling for you. I consider my $15 well spent and would definitely pay more knowing that you are hard at work looking out for us. You have a great product and I feel a little guilty sometimes cause I love Apple so much but they need to get out of the corporate mentality a bit. People like you invigorate their products and they need to lighten up a little bit.
Can't we all just get along?
Thanks again from one of your biggest fans and supporters and word of mouthers.
You guys ROCK!!!!!
I love to hear my wife's voice and she had a very special message I had set up for me when she called, which thanks to iToner I had used as a custom ringtone. I look forward to receiving your latest version, so that I can have my wife's beautiful voice greet me when she calls during one of my busy days at work.
Hey Folks,
I'm sure you have some customers yelling at you for being money stealing SOB's, etc, but I just wanted to say I appreciate that you're trying to get iToner working again, and I for one am happier having spent $15 to use my OWN tones (even if for a brief time) than giving Apple even $1 for a DRM tone. Yeah, maybe that's cutting my own nose off to spite my face, but so be it.  
We would like to again thank all those that took the time to write in. The developers as well as the support crew here at the office appreciated all the kind words as we busily worked away of the past few weeks.
"A company can only be as good as the people that stand behind it." When I first had heard that saying, or perhaps read it off of a motivational poster, my initial thoughts were that it meant the employees, but after reading all these comments and letters I realize what it truly means. That those customers that stood behind us, offering support and encouragement are just as big a part of this company as anyone else can be. From this point on we have truly realized that Ambrosia quite possibly has the most amazing customers and friends that any company could ever wish for.  
Thank you,
Signed the Ambrosia Crew.

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