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Mondo Solitaire for Mac now available on the Mac App Store!

... Ambrosia Software is pleased to announce that there are now multiple ways of getting your favorite Solitaire
game on your Mac
! Mondo
Solitaire for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store! Find out why reviewers are calling Mondo Solitaire ...

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MacStories reviews Mondo Solitaire for Mac

ROCHESTER, New York -- March 21, 2011 -- "Deliciously Beautiful", those are the two words that Cody Fink of Mac decided to use in describing Ambrosia's latest game release Mondo
for Mac. With it's 300 variants, and elegant design you can definitely see why he Cody advises ...

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Ambrosia Software, Inc. releases Mondo Solitaire for Mac!

ROCHESTER, New York -- March 8, 2011 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. today announced the release Mondo
, the biggest, baddest, bestest solitaire game for
the Mac! Mondo Solitaire is solitaire done right, with 300+ game variants, slick graphics, and a user interface ...

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Appletell reviews Mondo Solitaire for Mac

ROCHESTER, New York -- March 31, 2011 -- Kirk Hiner of Appletell recently reviewed Ambrosia's mondo
Mac, and discovered what it means when we say there are 300+ variations of solitaire! Kirk says: ...

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MacLife awards Mondo Solitaire a "Great" rating.

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 4, 2008 -- Susie Ochs of Mac
|Life picked up her iPhone and fell in love with a game, this game is Ambrosia Softwares Mondo
Solitaire. Well, maybe not fall in love, but she did say that the game was the best card game that
they had played on the iPhone! Susie writes: Mondo Solitaire packs 101 games (with tweakable rules for more than 200 total possibilities) into one $10 app. For variety and polish, it's the best card game ...

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Mondo Solitaire: Top Picks!

ROCHESTER, New York -- March 30, 2011 -- Praise continues to roll in for
Ambrosia's latest release, mondo
for Mac. Tom Nelson of has recently listed the game as one of his Mac Software Picks!  Each ...

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Andrew Welch Interviewed By Macvoices

ROCHESTER, New York -- July 23, 2008 -- Andrew Welch, el Presidente of Ambrosia Software, was interviewed on, he talks about the three games they currently have available on
the Apple App Store. Andrew covers why they decided to take more traditional games and re-create them for
the new platform, and how Aki Mahjoing, mondo
Solitaire and Mr. Sudoku take advantage of the iPhone platform. to listen to the show please ...

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The Scratching Post: New Things for Spring!

... the birds and sunshine comes a slew of likewise exciting news from Ambrosia HQ! First and for
emost, the anxiously anticipated release of Mondo
for Mac has our developers breathing a giant sigh of relief! As Ambrosia's first release on Apple's Mac Apps ...

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The Scratching Post: Under Construction

The old adage holds true: there are two seasons for cities in the northeast-- winter and construction season! With all roads surrounding our corner office ...
... part about redeveloping these games to be approved by the App Store was not actually having a test machine because, of course, the iPad had yet to be released.
Fortunately, it seems that all has gone well, and people are enjoying Mr. Sudoku, Aki Mahjong, and Mondo
Solitaire on the bigger screen just fine. That said, in celebration of the iPad and the release of our ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Ambrosia Finds Apple's Unreleased iPad Nano!!

... discovery of technology of the future! An Apple iPad Nano! John Champlin—a goofy PR guru for Ambrosia Software, busily filling his days working to make sure people enjoy the products and
services Ambrosia produces. From it's Utilities like WireTap Studio, to it's latest iPad games like Mondo
Solitaire. A dream job for a social bastard like Champlin, an Apple fan who always wanted to work with a ...
... realized that this wasn't an iPod at all, but clearly a new iPad, reduced down to a handheld size, as any Mac person would grasp: Nano! There it was, a shiny thing, completely different from everything that ...

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