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Upcoming Product: Soundboard for iPad

Soundboard is an application from Ambrosia that lets you create libraries of instantly trigger-able sound ...
... broadcasters, podcasters, and live event artists the world over. Ever since the release of Soundboard 2.0 for
Mac, Ambrosia has been hard at work on a version of Soundboard for iPad. Adapting a desktop computer application for a "new category" portable device like the iPad can ...

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Ambrosia Releases Soundboard for iPad, Bring Your Production Studio With You!

ROCHESTER, New York -- September 9, 2011 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. today announced the release of Soundboard
iPad, mobile sound cart and mash-up software for your iPad! Soundboard for iPad provides a quick way to ...

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Macworld announces the release of Soundboard for iPad.

... Snell of Macworld recently shared with his audience the exciting news of Ambrosia's release of Soundboard
iPad. Already a user of various other Ambrosia products in his duties around Macworld, he now will be ...

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Ambrosia Releases Soundboard 2.1 *and* Soundboard Remote

ROCHESTER, New York -- October 3, 2011 -- Today is a great day to be a Soundboard user, or if you aren't already a Soundboard user today is a great day to start! Ambrosia is pleased ...
... you didn't think the news could get any better, Soundboard users are now able to control Soundboard for
the Mac using their iPad! That's right! Our latest app, Soundboard Remote, allows you to control Soundboard for the Mac from ...

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The Scratching Post: Demos and Durians

... such a rare and delightful treat? After many months of hard work, and a truly grueling release cycle for
Mondo for the Mac, our programmers found Soundboard
for iPad-- our brand new sound cart app for the iOS-- to be a welcomed change of pace. Always the team player, ...

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