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How do I submit an Addon?

Last Updated Nov 7, 2008

1: Test and Proofread

Keep in mind that thousands of people may be downloading and using the files you submit here. Try to present yourself as best you can by testing your submission on a number of machines, proof-reading any text, and perhaps having others do a sanity-check on it before you submit it. It's far easier to catch mistakes ahead of time than to try to correct them after the fact.

2: Compress Your Files

On Macintosh (Mac OS X):

  • Use the "Create Archive" option, available when you right-click or ctrl-click on an icon, to compress your file. Make sure they are suffixed with .zip.

On Macintosh (Mac OS 9 and earlier):

  • For games that are not compatible with Mac OS X, use a program such as StuffIt to compress your files. Make sure they are suffixed with .sit.
  • After you've compressed your files as outlined above, it is advisable to encode them using MacBinary or BinHex. This will allow others to download and decompress your files more easily and reduce the risk of the archives being corrupted in transit.
    • To encode using BinHex, use Stuffit's built in BinHex feature. BinHex encoded files should be suffixed with .hqx.
    • To encode with MacBinary, use MacBin Drop. MacBinary encoded files should be suffixed with .bin

On Windows:

  • Use a program such as Winzip to compress your file. Make sure they are suffixed with .zip.

3: Prepare Your Addon Description

  • Give your addon an appropriate name.
  • Include a description that is verbose enough to give people a good idea what the file is about, but also succinct enough that people will be able to read it quickly and easily.
  • Include a version number and/or release date.
  • The author's name is helpful, too.

4: Submit the File

Once you've done all that, submit your file via your product's Add-On Files page, and away she goes!

Once your file has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a site administrator. After review the admin will make your file available for download in the appropriate directory of the addons page. If you don't see your file right away, please be patient. Thanks!

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