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Is my License Code good forever?

Last Updated Sep 4, 2007


License Codes do expire, but registrations are forever.

Once you have entered a License Code to register a piece of software, it is registered forever. The only reasons you should ever have to re-enter your License Code is if you install the software on a new machine, or do a clean system install.

If you ever do need to enter your License Code again, it may be rejected as expired, but as long as your computer is connected to the internet, a Renew button will appear. Click on this button, and a new, updated License Code will be sent back to you automatically within seconds. For this reason, you should keep your old License Code on file.

Don't worry, Ambrosia respects your privacy. Nothing is sent to Ambrosia automatically. Information is sent only if you click on the Renew button, and then the only information sent is the License information (Licensee Name/User ID, number of copies and License Code) contained in the Register window.

If you have lost your License Code, don't worry - your registration is still valid. To obtain an updated License Code, go to the Lost Codes section of our Support page located here. Enter the email address you used when you placed your order, and an updated License Code will be sent automatically to that address.

You can also email Lost Codes with the details of your order. Please include License information (Licensee Name/User ID, number of copies and License Code), the product(s) in question, original email address used if you remember it, and the postal address used at the time of the order and we will return an updated License Code.

If all else fails, please call 585.325.1910, and we will be glad to issue an updated License Code, and update your information in our database so you can retrieve your License Code(s) in the future using one of the automated procedures outlined above.


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