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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Apeiron X?

Last Updated Sep 10, 2005

• The closer you are to the Scobster when you shoot him, the more points he is worth.

• Stay away from the edges, the Scobster can surprise you.

• The Scobster always growls before he appears, that is your warning.

• The scobster does not back track, once you make it past him, you are safe.

• Clear away excess shrooms from the bottom of the screen to allow room to maneuver.

• If you clear too many away from the bottom, the flea will come.

• Do not let the Pentipede touch the bottom. If he gets a touchdown, he invites his friends in to help celebrate.

• Be on the lookout for multipliers and magic mushrooms.

• While shooting at multipliers and magic mushrooms do not lose track of the action close at hand. If you are distracted, you become easy prey for the scobster and Pentipede.

• Shooting coins may bounce them off the screen, wasting precious powers.

• Be selective clearing mushrooms. You can build channels to funnel the Pentipede into your killing zone.

• If you hit a magic mushroom, the screen will flash and all scores are multiplied by 10. If you finish the board, the mushroom bonus can really add up.

• If the Pentipede hits a poison mushroom, and dives to the bottom, you should stay on the bottom yourself. The Pentipede will touch bottom and start working his way up. Now you can get under him and blast away.

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