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What do the different yummies do?

Last Updated Sep 10, 2005

 Multiplier - You guessed it, this will multiply your bonus score.

• Psychedelic Shroom - This will put you into psychedelic-sixties mode. Your screen will flash weird colors and everything will be worth ten times as much.

• Coins - contain handy powerups that will give you an added advantage.

Powerups are:
• Squiggly line - Gives you guided shots.
• Diamond - Allows you to pass through mushrooms at bottom of screen.
• Vertical orange dashes - Machine gun shots.
• Sprinkly shield - Invincibility, that says it all.
• Lock - Allows you to keep powers after you are killed.
• House cleaning - Will remove all mushrooms from the bottom of the screen.
• Extra man - You get another life, unless of course you are already maxed out.

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