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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Avara?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2005

Move. And then move some more. A stationary H.E.C.T.O.R. is a dead H.E.C.T.O.R.

  • Take advantage of your terrain. Some levels lend themselves to stalking and hunting, others to Berserker tactics.

  • Keep em guessing. Be erratic in your movement and your tactics and your opponents won't be able to second guess you.

  • Remember that shields get replenished with time. both your's and your enemy's. If you have to take a few blasts in order to finish off an opponent with your missiles, do it. Your shields will come back. If you run then your enemy's shields will regenerate.

  • Timing can be everything. If you hear a missile coming, sometimes jumping at the last second will let the missile hit the ground harmlessly beneath you.

  • Take advantage of your Scout. Use your eye in the sky to keep an eye on the enemy.

  • That stereo sound isn't just for fun. If you use headphones, or good speakers, you can hear where incoming ordinance is coming from, and track your enemy down.

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