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How do I play a game of Avara on the internet?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2005

To connect to an Avara server running somewhere on the Internet, select the TCP/IP option in the Network menu and click on the "Connect to Server..." button in the Player window. This will bring up the "Connect to Server..." dialog window. If you know the IP address or IP number of the machine you wish to connect to, simply type it into the "Server" box.

When you have entered the information that Avara needs, click on the "Connect" button. Avara will then attempt to connect to the IP address of the server you have specified.

Ambrosia Software runs an Internet Avara Tracker in its office to make finding and joining an Internet game of Avara easy. When anyone starts up an Internet Avara Server, they have the option of notifying the Tracker. To find an Avara game on the Internet, just send a query to the Tracker. The Tracker will send you information listing all of the games that are currently registered. You can query the Tracker from within Avara, or you can use the MicroTracker that is included in the Avara distribution.

To find other Internet Servers, click on the "Look for Servers..." button in the "Connect to Server..." dialog window.

This brings up a window that allows you to query the Avara Tracker running at Ambrosia. Simply click on the "Search" button to query the Avara Tracker. It will return to you a list of games that are currently registered on the Tracker. To get more information on any of the games listed, select it from the list with a single click.

To join a game, select the one you are interested in and click on the "Select" or the "Select IP" button. This will return you to the "Connect to Server..." dialog and automatically enter the information from the game you selected. Click on the "Connect" button to join the server.

For complete instructions on internet games of Avara, go to Chapter 11, "Internet Avara" of the Avara Documentation.

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