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Are there cheat codes in Barrack?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2005

Yes, there are. And We shall actually share them with you.

You have to hit option shift t, then command shift t, then control shift t. Repeat twice more.

A dialog box should come up, but the cheats have to be uppercase, and preceded by "wx-".

So to get a free magnet, you'd enter "wx-ONYACK".

other cheats are:
• ECHO Get 1000 time bonus
• ICENINE Moves you forward to the next set of levels. It also removes all the balls
• LAND Kill Bosco
• ONYACK Get a free magnet
• RIDE Gives more power (the bar beside the lightning bolt)
• SRV Get a free laser
• CIRCLES Adds 1 glass ball if typed when balls are being born
• CUNIBERTI Adds 1 ooze ball if typed when balls are being born
• OPTIC Adds 1 sentry ball if typed when balls are being born
• PLAT Adds 1 nuclear ball if typed when balls are being born
• ECHOECHOECHO Get 10000 time bonus.
• CATSCRADLE Removes all the balls, but doesn't move you forward.
• WATER Kill Bosco
• AIR Kill Bosco
• VERSION Displays version number in big letters, along with a thank you message for registering.

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