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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Barrack?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2005

Oh yeah!

• Speed and dexterity are rewarded with high bonus scores.

• Over 95% completion pays off big time in over-achiever bonus. To accomplish this, get as close to 80% as possible (being VERY careful not go over). Then, in one shot, take out as much area as possible.

• Isolate pairs of glass balls with the same damage level and they will shatter each other. This is also especially useful in scoring big over-achiever bonuses since after shattering, the glass balls dissipate and their enclosing area is cleared.

• Keep a supply of Laser cartridges around for sticky situations.

• Time your barrier shot carefully to get the highest multiplier possible.

• Stay close to shore or risk feeling the wrath of Bosco... when you see a fin, stay alert.

• Bosco, mighty as he may seem, is not invincible.

• Use magnets in later levels to clear a path for your barrier. But be sure to fire a barrier before the magnets overheat and dissipate.

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