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How do I play Bubble Trouble X?

Last Updated Sep 12, 2005

Game play is simple, but the game is hard to master. Use the arrow keys to move Blinky the fish. When you contact a bubble, you can push it with the space bar. If the bubble is up against something it will pop when you push it. If not, the bubble will fly! Moving bubbles will crush enemies when it hits them. So, when a fish is in the line of fire, push away! The key controls can be changed by selecting Options at the main menu.

Bubbles with gems in them can be pushed together for bonuses. When you push all of the gem bubbles together you will get a bonus of either 1000, 5000, or 10000 points, and all of the enemies will be captured in bubbles! But be careful, when you push the first gem bubble into the other, a starfish might hatch.

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