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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Chiral?

Last Updated Aug 7, 2008

Oh yeah!

• Learn where atoms should be in a molecule. For instance, a purple molecule, which has four bonds, works best in the middle of a molecule, whereas a green or red one will work better on the edges. Blue atoms are useful for filling in extra bonds.

• Switching atoms is the key to Chiral. Once you place an atom, it is *not* necessarily there to stay. You cannot move atoms around, but you can switch them around to move them to better positions.

• Learn to toss aside atoms that you do not need immediately. You can always switch them into your molecule later on if you need them.

• Stray atoms can be cleaned up easily with a radioactive atom. But, they will need to be close to each other in order for the radioactive atom to zap them all away.

• A Schzapp is like an extra life. It clears your vial of atoms when it overflows. When you get to a Schzapp round, don't worry about stray atoms or pretty molecules. Concentrate on filling the requirement for the Schzapp, you will need them later on in the game.

• The edge of the playfield and the red walls can be tricky. Make sure you are placing atoms strategically around the wall mazes. They will fit, but only in a certain fashion.

• Use special atoms wisely. You can get many points by using them, but you can also get into some trouble. The Speed atom, if not placed in a soon to be completed molecule, should be cleared away with a radioactive atom as soon as possible.

• Spend 10 minutes and go through Chiral Basics to learn the fundamentals.

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