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What do all of the special atoms do?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2005

Here is a list of the special atoms in Chiral.

• Heavy Atoms: These atoms look like granite version of the regular atoms, and they behave the same way in all respects but one: once you have placed one of these suckers, you can't move it later on. Place 'em carefully!

• Speed Atoms: These atoms are just like the regular atoms, but they have a little bunny embossed on them. Funny thing is, as long as they are on the playfield, the atoms fall into the vial faster!  Best get rid of these guys soon by building them into a molecule!

• Multiplier Atoms: Once again, these guys are regular atoms with a twist: they have a x2, x3, or x4 embossed on 'em, and if you use them in a molecule, they multiply the score you receive for it!

• Mystery Atoms: These appear as grey atoms with question mark's on 'em (?). They behave like regular atoms, but you don't know how many bonds they need until you experiment a bit!

• Radioactive Atoms: These nasty atoms destroy all of the atoms they touch. They can be handy for getting rid of atoms that are cluttering up your playfield, but be careful not to destroy the molecule you've been working so hard to build!

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