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Last Updated Sep 12, 2005

Darwinia is a Virtual Themepark, built by Dr. Sepulveda out of malfunctioning Protologic 68000s.

Darwinia is populated by a sentient evolving life form called Darwinians.

Unfortunately, the systems of Darwinia have been overrun by an evil red Viral infection.

Your task is to destroy the Viral infection and save the Darwinians.

Each level has a list of objectives and research items to capture. Use the task manager to manage your resources, including your Squads and Engineers.

Camera Controls
Use the w, s, a, and d keys to move the camera.

You can move the camera up and down by pressing the q and e keys.

Zoom by pressing the middle mouse button, or by pressing z.

To speed up the camera, press the shift key.

To create a Squad, hold the option key to access the Task Manager. Draw a triangle gesture, starting at the top, moving down to the right, then straight across to the left, and then back to the beginning. Then release the option key. Areas where are able to create the Squad will be highlighted. Click in one to place your Squad.

Mouse click to move your Squad, and click and hold to fire lasers.

To create an Engineer, hold the option key to access the Task Manager. Draw an upside down U, starting at the bottom moving to the left and draw a line straight up, then to the right, then straight down.

Use your Engineers to capture researched items. When an Engineer comes close to a research item, he will automatically capture it.

Most buildings in Darwinia are controlled by Control Towers. Engineers can be used to reprogram these control towers allowing you to control its corresponding building.

Every creature in Darwinia has a Soul. When a Darwinian, or even an evil Virii, dies it will leave a Soul behind. Use your Engineers to gather the Souls, and they will bring them to the nearest incubator. The Souls will be reincarnated as Darwinians.

Task Manager
Use the task manager to switch between running programs. Hold the option key to bring up the Task Manager and use the tab key to select your Squad or Engineers.

For a list of research items, hold the option key, and then scroll left. For level objectives hold the option key and then scroll right.

For more information, consult the Darwinia Manual that installs with the game.

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