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I am getting a notice about my router setup when I try to play online - what can I do?

Last Updated Apr 19, 2007

If you are playing multiplayer games on the internet, you might experience connection problems related to NAT (Network Address Translation). NAT'ing usually means a computer is not directly connected to the internet, but shares a connection with several other computers on the same network. Typically some kind of Router is responsible for sharing the connection. Depending on how the Router is set up, you may or may not be able to play online games of DEFCON.

Setting up Port Forwarding can solve most network problems. This applies only if you connect to the Internet through a hardware Router or NAT Firewall, and involves setting up your Router to automatically forward all DEFCON related network data direct to the computer running DEFCON.

This is the final thing to try when everything else has failed. To do this:

In DEFCON’s ‘Network Options’ panel (main menu -> options -> network options) set the option ‘Port Forwarding’ to Enabled, and ensure the port numbers are set to default ie 5010 and 5011.  You can use any port numbers you wish, just ensure they are fixed.

Access your admin panel for your Router. Most Routers have a web interface of some kind, in which you can configure the network settings.

The naming conventions are different for every router, but look for a setting called something like ‘Port Forwarding’.  Sometimes it is called ‘Services’, ‘Firewall Rules’ or ‘Inbound Services’.

You need to create a new port forwarding rule. You need to forward ports 5010 and 5011 UDP (Incoming) to the local IP of your computer. You can find your local IP by typing ‘ipconfig’ at a command line.

For example, a typical setting would be: Ports 5010 and 5011 UDP, Incoming -> Forwarded to IP

Here are detailed instructions for specific Routers.

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