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Do you have any hints or tips for playing Deimos Rising?

Last Updated Sep 13, 2005

Here are a few tips for defeating the Deimos forces:

• Use pauses in the action to hold the fire key and charge your cannon. Try to aim it for maximum effect when you do; wait for enemies to line up on the screen and take out several at once.

• Enemies that make multiple shots tend to cluster them. If you can stay in the same spot while they target you, the shots will come in a straight line and are easier to avoid.

• Moving down when your ship is at the bottom of the screen shortens the crosshairs. This is good for getting any pesky ground targets that may slip by.

• Be sure to get the ground targets as soon as possible, especially turrets which fire multiple shots at once. If you can position your crosshairs while firing at incoming ships, you can even take out both at once.

• Destroying all valid ground targets in a level qualifies you for the Ground Accuracy 100% bonus. Extra Life bunkers are not included in this count; so don't be too upset if you miss those bunkers - you will not be penalised for it.

• Achieving 100% in all levels will qualify you for a special accuracy bonus on completion of the game. It is worth it!

• To complete the game and qualify for the End of Mission bonus sequence, you must have started from level 1.

• Be sure to use the right weapon for the job. Your ground weapon simply gets more powerful as you progress, but you can use your spacebar to switch air weapons. If you have time, charge your most powerful forward air weapon to wipe out whole columns of enemy ships. If things are going to get hectic, you may want to clear the air by laying mines ahead of you.

• Sometimes caution is the name of the game. There are ground weapons that aren’t activated until you get within range. Sometimes you can stay back to wipe out airborne ships while a ground target sits idly by. When the air is clear, you can take your shot.

• If there is a series of peek-a-boo ground targets, they usually don’t open up all at once, but in sequence. Try and note the sequence so you can wait in ambush for the first one after they have all fired off their first volley.

• The War Crime penalty is awarded when you bomb a hospital. Hosptials tend to be unshielded, as you would expect, so you do not want to bomb anywhere near them. You should feel very ashamed, even if your enemy likes positioning itself right next to hospitals.

• Radars will release random bonuses when destroyed, but they also have another purpose. They can tell other enemies that you are in range, causing them to activate. So if you are hurting, you may want to avoid allowing a radar to lock on to you. Or you can let a radar lock on to you when the time is right (say, after bombing a Shield Bunker.)

• There are secret ground targets ripe for the bombing in all levels. Some of these work in combinations. Think Yellowstone. No bonuses are hidden in flat areas.

• Completing a level without taking any damage whatesoever will qualify you for a bonus. This bonus increases as you progress. Taking damage and recharging via a Shield Pickup will not qualify you for this bonus. Use the Force, Luke.

• Mines are not as hard as they look. Maybe. They are faster than you, but not quite as nimble. Trying to outrun one in any given direction will just land you in a World Of Pain. So don't. Instead, try rapid changes in direction.

• Geysers may be pretty, but they emit noxious, ozone-depleting chemicals. As a good little eco-friendly greenie, you should bomb them.

• In general, stay loose. Directing the enemy movements and firing sequences by moving your VacFighter around, and timing your attacks, is usually far more lucrative (and easier on your wrists and fingers!) than just blasting away.

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