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How can I cheat while playing Deimos Rising?

Last Updated Sep 13, 2005

If you have beaten a level, starting from the very beginning, then you can select that level at the beginning of the game. If you start from a level other than the first, you will only get one ship. You can't start from a level until you beat that level from the very beginning in one game.

There are cheat codes in Deimos Rising (in version 1.0.2 or later). Registered users can enable the cheat codes by:

- entering the console during a 1 or 2 Player game by pressing the tilde key (~) to activate the game console

- typing "supermunki", and then pressing the return key

This only needs to be done once, as the game will remember that cheat codes have been enabled.

A number of cheat codes can be entered into the console. The first one to be made public is "shields", which will give you 100% shield power.

• Typing "life" gives an Extra Vac Fighter

• "accuracy" sets ground accuracy to 100%

• "funds" awards 20 coins

• "score" awards 10,000 points

• "shields" sets Vac Fighter shields to maximum

• "mult" awards next bonus multiplier

(Note:  all cheat codes have limits to their use. They are there to help players with the game, not there to take away the challenge entirely.)

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