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How do I solve my Quicktime problems on Windows?

Last Updated Sep 13, 2005

To play Deimos you need Quicktime for Windows, specifically the Still Image Component which is not installed by default.

Download Quicktime for Windows
To ensure the Still Image Component is installed when you install Quicktime run the installer file you downloaded from the above link. Choose Custom Install.

Click Next. Quicktime Essentials will be selected by default in the list of QuickTime components. Be sure to select Still Image Component. Click Next and complete the rest of the installation

If you already have Quicktime installed, take the following steps to install the Still Image Component.

Go to the Start menu, select Settings and open QuickTime in your Control Panels folder.

From the drop down list select Update Check and install additional QuicktTime software. Connect your computer to the internet and then click the Update... button.

At the next screen click the Custom... button. Select the Quicktime Still Image component and click Update Now.

Complete the installation.

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