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How do I use Dragster?

Last Updated Oct 27, 2006

To use Dragster, drag a file to be transferred onto the Dragster icon in the Dock to bring up the Dragster menu.  You can choose eMail to send a copy of the file directly via email, iDisk to send a copy to your iDisk, Remote Server to send a copy to any connected server, or Local Folder to move the original file to a folder located anywhere on your computer.  To move the original to a remote server, or copy the original to a local folder, press the option key when you select the destination.

You can also save any transfer as a Shortcut, and then choose that Shortcut in your Dragster menu.  Have an entire photo shoot to edit and upload?  Set up a Shortcut to your server, and just drag and drop your images onto the Shortcut as you finish them. 

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