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How can I use a family name for the address?

Last Updated Dec 17, 2012

Unfortunately there is no clear and simple way to do this yet due to Contacts and the way the Mac OS parses address information. Here's a workaround to accomplish this:

  1. Open Contacts and select the Address you wish to use in the list.
  2. Choose Copy from the File menu, then Paste. This will create a duplicate vCard in Contacts.
  3. Edit the duplicate vCard and delete the contents of the first and last name fields.
  4. Enter the family name (i.e. The Byrd Family) in the company field, and enable the Company checkbox.
  5. Select this new contact in EasyEnvelopes.

If you do not delete the the first and last name fields, they will be displayed in addition to the "company". We hope to make this easier in a future version of EasyEnvelopes.

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