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Who created EasyEnvelopes?

Last Updated Jul 23, 2012

EasyEnvelopes was originally designed by Andrew Welch as a Desk Accessory. This old Mac OS "Classic" EasyEnvelopes Plus was released back in 1987. With the overwhelming customer desire to see this product again, Andrew decided to offer it as a free Widget utilizing the Dashboard feature on the new OSX platform.

The initial version of the EasyEnvelopes widget was designed by Andrew Welch, and written by Mike Rotondo during his internship at Ambrosia. The artwork and graphics for the widget were created by Polly and Annie Tay. The widget was later taken over by Mike Blaguszewski, Rudy Richter and Jeremy Knope.

After years of customers telling us how they wanted more out of EasyEnvelopes, the green-light was given to Jeremy Knope to develop the much improved reincarnation of EasyEnvelopes available now.

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