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Can I jump through multiple systems at once?

Last Updated Sep 13, 2005

If you are planning a series of jumps, you can use the Hyperspace Route Planning feature. Instead of merely clicking on a bordering system, what you have to do is shift-click on systems along your chosen route, from closest to furthest in succession. Clicking on the Clear Route button resets you flight plan. Whenever you enter a new system, your ship will automatically call up the next destination on the navigation computer. All you have to do is press the Jump (default - j) key to start the next jump. Note: this does not speed up the travel time, it just saves you the trouble of going to the map each jump.

There is a rumor going around that it is possible to get an outfit that might allow you to do as many as ten jumps in a single jump. You will have to find out for yourself if this is true.

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