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How do I use the new escort controls in EV Nova?

Last Updated Sep 13, 2005

To understand how the controls work, you have to understand a little bit about how escorts work. Escorts can be fighters, warships, or freighters. As such, they can be invaluable, adding an extra layer of protection in a tight spot, or providing additional cargo space on a profitable trade route. However, any special cargo your need for a mission must always fit into your ship's own cargo hold; no one else can be trusted with it. Also keep in mind that pirates are more interested in large fleets or ships overflowing with cargo and credits.

• Attack current target as a group (default - f)
• Defend your ship (default - d)
• Hold the current position (default - v)
• Recall escorts to your ship (default - c)
• Dock fighters (default - option c)

• Bring up Escort menu (default - e)
• Select group of escorts
    1 all ships
    2 fighters
    3 medium ships
    4 warships
    5 freighters

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