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How do I play Harry the Handsome Executive?

Last Updated Sep 19, 2005

Harry is your alter ego. Enthroned in his plush, six wheeled vehicle of power, Harry can scuttle around his office with astonishing accuracy. A scoot (default - down arrow) off the carpet rolls him backwards, while an inch (default - up arrow) moves him forward in short, precise steps. A power kick (default - space bar), off a wall or other, sends Harry flying in the opposite direction.

Doors will yield their secrets to only those who dare to kick them open. Some doors boast devilish locks, which can be vanquished but one way: by searching out and using (default - option) the key of the same color as the door.

Employees are the number one asset of ScumCo (at least, that's what the management is always claiming.)  Because of the intense boredom inherent in a desk job, many of Harry's co-workers while away their time talking or playing darts.

Office plants are semi-realistic replicas of real plants  These plastic impostors are scattered about most offices. Unlike their living brethren, though, they can survive practically infinite amounts of abuse, and since they're situated in wheeled planters, they can be pushed around with ease.

Harry detests the thin, tasteless beverage known as water (he prefers black coffee.)  Because of their weight, water coolers cannot be moved; however, they are susceptible to spectacular wet explosions if punctured by pranksters.

Empty swivel chairs abound in some areas, vacated by recently laid-off employees.  They are light and can be moved around easily.

Rarely seen in the office, but common in the basement and industrial section of ScumCo, barrels of toxic waste hold noxious chemical concoctions. As strictly regulated by game design law, they explode if shot or hit too hard.

Vending machines supposedly dispense delicious caffeinated beverages, but are almost always broken. If kicked enough it may shoot out a can or two of soda, but so shaken up that it is a physical danger to open.  Not good to drink, but the cans can be thrown if Harry selects (default - control) and uses them.

Ramps are ancient relics of the famous desk-jumping competitions of the great swivel chair warriors of the past, many are still in use. With practice, Harry can use them to leap great distances.

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